Sunday, 22 November 2009

A night to forget

I picked up Daniel and we stopped off at Tescos to buy some Toothpaste. He didn't like the stuff i use so had to get some of his own brand, fussy sod.
We dropped all his stuff off at home and then decided to get out fast. It had been pissing it down all day but now it was just a light spray. If we were gonna leave the car at home and walk anywhere now was a good time. First stop, local pubs within walking distance.
I should have known. They didn’t exactly look appealing from the outside and when your walking past a couple of smokers stood at the door covered in tattoos and staring at us like something from Crimewatch you realise you should have gone with your gut instinct.

It was a bit like a scene from American werewolf in London where everyone turns round and looked at us. Only instead of old yokels sitting with pipes and drinking beer. This was skinhead’s thugs who were probably wondering whether to beat us up or sell us drugs (and that’s the women I’m talking about there).
Ian would have liked this pub.
We had a bottle of Bud and left quickly. The tables were sticky and the carpet looked like it hadn’t had a vac over it in weeks. The next pub we walked through one door and outta the other without stopping and by the time we got to the third it was decided we might be best giving local pubs a miss and go for the town center instead.
It was lively I’ll give them that. There are lots of drinking joints, bars, pubs, clubs, fast food, you name it. And all really close to each other I’ve been here before so I knew what to expect. But there was nothing that looked even slightly camp or gay.

In fact I would say everywhere seemed the exact opposite. Very hetero and full of women who were either overweight and trying to look sexy in cloths that was to small for them. Or young girls who shouldn’t be drinking for another couple of years dressed in cloths that showed front and back crack. I saw one girl who looked about twelve drinking in the corner of a pub. Every now and then she opened her handbag and topped it up again with what looked like Vodka. I suppose it’s one way around not getting served at the bar.
We got accosted by girls on three occasions but didn’t feel comfortable enough to tell them we were not interested in girls. So we moved on to the next place each time. Mainly because we didn’t really know how people would react to us. And that more or less tells you the atmosphere we were in.
It wasn’t homophobic, no one said anything wrong. There was no trouble. In fact in some ways it was just like Oldham. But Oldham is home and I know people there. These were all strangers and I felt like a fish out of water. So best keep your head down and check the lay of the land first I find.

It was a bad night really. I could tell Daniel wasn’t happy and only going along with things for my sake. I’m really disappointed myself as well. I had been told that Hebden Bridge is quite gay, but more on the lesbo side. Besides that's the other side of town.
I’ll never drink locally here. Town maybe, but only with people I know and i'll never be out on the pull. It looks like I’ll be trying to get over to Manchester in future. We have discussed Huddersfield or Leeds next time. If there ever is a next time.

It was so bad that even though I drank like a fish, I couldn’t really get pissed. I wasn’t in the mood.
We stopped off for a takeaway on the way back to my place and sat talking until the early hours. Daniel depressed me even more by talking about him and Howard. Apparently the novelty has worn off and he is thinking of calling it a day and going back home.
He likes Howard but doesn’t fancy him any more.
I was in bed by 2.30 and that was that. Not very exciting eh? . A real anti climax.
Daniel is still in bed as I type this. I’m sat on my own wondering if I did the right thing moving here.
It doesn’t matter where you live as long as you have your friends and family with you. It’s not the other side of the world and they haven’t exactly vanished before my eyes. But I got used to them being close. I actually think it would have been better if they were on the other side of the world. It’s all a bit half arsed.
I’m too close to be complaining that I’m on my own. But too far away to carry on as before.

God, I’m gonna have to finish this post quick, I’m on a self indulgent depressing feel sorry for myself day today.
We all have them. Just consider this a rant. I’ll forget about it tomorrow.


naturgesetz said...

So you'd go all the way to Mancs but not across town to Hebden Bridge?

Sounds as if you need to get some mates in town. Anybody at work who could fill the bill?

I'm not saying you should never go to Manchester or back to Oldham. One of the advantages of being where you are is that you can do that. But IMO it would be unfortunate if you have to cross the great divide every time you want to get out of the house. Ask yourself what you'd do if Halifax were halfway around the world instead of halfway across the island. And maybe try to do that at least a couple of times a month.

Who knows, maybe in a while you'll have found something that your friends from Oldham will be willing to visit.

It's too soon to give up, IMO. But it's too bad the first expedition was not a success.

(Word verification: sucke I don't talk like that, but it seems to fit last night. Better luck next time.)

Anonymous said...

could see it comeing mate. you do need youre own mates as well as danieal whos closest to you . maybe leeds is a good idea but id go with a crowed of lads . nearley christmas why not throw a pary drastic messurs i know.DRU