Monday, 23 November 2009

Letting Go

After the disaster of Saturday night i had a pretty lazy Sunday. Daniel stopped later than i expected and i actually drove him home at about 9 last night. I think his relationship with Howard is more or less over, but i don't get the impression that Howard knows yet.

Daniel is the type of guy who will suddenly start drifting away from him, then perhaps not see him for a week, before eventually stop answering his calls and hoping he's got the hint. Instead of telling him outright, he will do anything rather than confront the problem. On the other hand i also know that he is easily swayed. I remember he once went to tell a boy he was going out with that he didn't want to see him any more. He was all keyed up, he knew exactly what he wanted to say and i remember wishing him luck as he walked off into the distance to meet him.
When he came back he had given in to the other guys tears and agreed to give it another go. Even though he didn't want to. I remember pissing myself laughing, he was so determined it was over and went with such conviction that i genuinely thought he would be able to do it.

On one hand he would like to be the type of guy who can stick his middle finger up and say 'see you around, your dumped'. But in fact he's a softie who gets tongue tied and is rubbish at ending things properly.
I hardly have any room to talk, I'm as bad. When the relationship is going well you want them there all the time. As soon as it hits the rocks you wanna press a button and make them disappear.
It was nice having Daniel over, even though it was a shit night out on Saturday we had a good day Sunday.

I know i shouldn't say this but when your best mate decides to dump his boyfriend, there is a little something inside that says Oh good.
Now i know it's wrong of me and i'm sure your all tutting out there but i'm also sure we've all done it if we are honest.


naturgesetz said...



I just hope Howard doesn't end up thinking you stole him.

andrewwillias10 said...

Even worse Howard makes a play for you!! only kidding. dru