Tuesday, 24 November 2009


Late home from work tonight so late blogging as well.
One of the blokes was celebrating the birth of his first son and we all went for one after work to 'wet the babies head' whatever that means.
Even Ryan came. It was funny watching him try drink a pint of larger. He's only 17 but looks younger. Should have stuck to a bottle lad. I mentioned to the others the disaster of our night out in Halifax. No-one in our circle said they went drinking in the town center and more and when i told them which local pubs we visited there was a sharp intake of breathe and lots of laughs. I asked if anyone would be interested in showing me round but most laughed again. Ryan said he would come with his mate. But i suspect he just wants to be able to go to any pub and knows he wouldn't get served unless someone else went to the bar for him.
I'll have to work on them.

It was a real miserable day today, the weather is depressing, rain, cloud, wind. We went into town to bank some dosh and i saw a woman chase an umbrella down the street. It had blown out of her hand and she gave chase screaming 'catch it, catch it'. It eventually stopped when it nestled between the arse cheeks of an old man waiting for a bus.

In the north of Halifax there is a large Muslim community and i suspect the odd mosque as well. You could hear the wailing in the distance as they were being called for prayer. For some reason no one minds church bells, but a guy in the bank was complaining about this wailing as if it were dance music blaring out of a nightclub and saying how it shouldn't be allowed.
When we came outta the bank a flash car went past with three Asians inside. They must have had the loudest in car stereo known to man and were playing Dizzee Rascal i think. I suspect they were not proper Muslims. You just assume don't you ?. If i see someone who is Asian, Pakistani or Indian i assume they are Muslim.
I write this because i have encountered quite a lot of racism since moving here. They are bad in the area of Oldham that i called home, but here it seems worse.


vilges suola said...

All my students are muslims, from Algeria, Saudi Arabia and Libya. They are lovely people, far more civilised than the boorish, shit-ignorant British underclass: they value kindness, hospitality and family, and are taught to be polite and to treat others with respect. My mum lives alone now in a working class area of Huddersfield full of muslims, and I feel better knowing she's got such kind neighbours and not a load of eternally pissed British arseholes. I am an atheist and I recognise that Islam has huge problems to address, but they are not as huge as the problems we have created with our shitty, boozy, selfish non-culture.

End of rant.

naturgesetz said...

Nice try to get some help on the pub problem. Seems it was never truer that Rome wasn't built in a day. Keep working on it. Maybe hit the neighbo(u)rhoods where some of them live.

You'll have to ask Ryan where his regular is. LOL

I guess racism can be a problem wherever there is ethnic diversity. As for loud music from cars, I heard of someone who commented, "It's so kind of the young people to share their music with us."

Oh! How was the spot where you did the head-wetting? Might it do in the evening?

Mambam said...

I can tell you love Britain really don't you. British bulldog, skinheads, Football, getting pissed, the Sun newspaper. get yer tits out for the lads luv !, Fucking foreigners taking our jobs, who won the bloody war anyway ?.
Yes i agree. I am ashamed to be British sometimes also. But then again to these people i'm a poof and they need to keep their back to the wall when i'm around.

Thanks for your concern. I don't think Ryan goes to pubs, he would like to but doesn't really look old enough.
I like the car comment, i'll may use that one at some point ;-)

naturgesetz said...

Well maybe Ryan and his mate could bring you round to the one his dad goes to. LOL That could set up a lovely scene!

drew said...

Well it is hard to appreciate muslims in the US. I realize all of them don't carry out the evil task of removing the infidels but it appears the few are aggressive enough to blur your vision of them. We just had the Army officer shot quite a few people along with 9/11. It is hard to understand..

Wonder Man said...

this is sad to hear

Anonymous said...

Just to say how much I am enjoying your account of life in Halifax, never a dull moment. Isn't there a largish student population there, and not just old gits and slappers? You could slip into the Uni bar - carry a book or two, to look studenty. Take care of yourself - Peter-D.

andrewwillias10 said...

beaing dragged up on a council estate in liverpool was always around multicultural background learnt from early on that excepting peoples belief and values played a big part in my upbringing . also my first gay experiences was an asian lad in sheffield wore me out lol DRU

Gauss Jordan said...

I'm actually amazed by this. *sigh* When I was growing up, I always sort of hoped that racism was a US "issue." I discovered that it was an international commonality when I met some cousins in the UK sometime in middle school, and we started comparing notes on growing up.

I suppose prejudice is international.