Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Pornographic E-mail

From time to time i get suggestive e-mails from readers with offers to meet (usually for sex).
I don't bother with Gaydar much but i still get the odd message from there as well and every now and then they turn out to be pornographic, weird, scary, abusive or just downright hilarious. I find that it best to just ignore and not acknowledge certain ones. But last night i had an offer from a 'Daddy' looking for a boy to 'own'. In this e-mail it was suggested that i service his needs and will be used and abused for his sexual pleasure. From time to time he would pass me round for his friends to enjoy whilst he watched and at least once a month i would expect to be drugged and gangbanged by many guys at certain parties he travels and attends, along with 'submitting my image' to private Photographic sessions. This long e-mail then started to wander off into bestiality where he suggested i may also have to bend over and offer my services to his Alsatian, water sports and Bondage with torture would also be a regular 'pleasure for me' after he 'brands' me with ownership in the form of a tattoo on my arse.

But the thing that really turned me off his e-mail and why i decided to turn down his offer was when he also included the horrific, and quite frankly offencive suggestion that i also become his house boy and 'clean and cook for him!!'.
My Reply
"Fuck off you pervert, clean your own fucking house !."


naturgesetz said...


Ryan said...

Wow, that was one of the funniest things I have read in quite a while. Was it real? I mean did he really ask for all that and honestly expect you might say yes!? OMG! SIMS right now, ug!

I am glad you did turn him down though, cooking and cleaning is inappropriate to ask for in an introduction email. That is like 6th date at least!

Lots of love and happy thanksgiving if you guys celebrate that in England,


Anonymous said...

"Fuck off you pervert, clean your own fucking house !."


Octavius said...

That last bit, very funny... Kinda makes me think you were into the rest of it though... LOL.


andrewwillias10 said...

sounds like you would have sed yes up to a point lol.

Justin said...

Bwha ha ha!

vilges suola said...

Gracious me yes, a boy has to have some pride. There's getting fucked up the arse and getting fucked around, and one does need to draw a distinction.

Mambam said...

I can assure you all that i have had worse e-mails than that one. I read them, have a wank and then delete. Fantasy and reality are two differnet things.
i think ......