Monday, 30 November 2009

Save the environment

In a world where we all seem to be having HD TV rammed down our throats it seems weird that people still watching things online. The picture quality is shite and the size of a postage stamp but now that i have changed my broadband connection to proper cable i get a much better picture and i can get HD on the BBC i Player.
Now all i need is for them to show something worth watching, otherwise it's back to U tube for never ending clips of shit, or gay tube, for never ending clips of men's dangly bits.

I am being charged an extra £2.50 because i get a paper bill from virgin. When i rang they gave me some spiel about it being for the environment, blah blah.
In fact it's for the profits and nothing to do with the environment. A bit like supermarkets not giving away bags anymore or bin men coming round every fortnight instead of once a week. I'm not against helping the environment, i just object to them trying to pretend that every money saving (and making) idea they come up with is packaged as doing something good for the environment. Do they think we are all idiots?. Yes obviously they do.

Daniel rang this lunch time to tell me he is gonna bit the bullet and tell Howard he's finishing with him. It's funny how the tables turn, i remember us having a similar conversation in the past with one of my X's.


Anonymous said...

my partners all for recycle and saving the planet which i agree with in bits .but i do draw the line at things like environmental toilet paper.NO SO SUCH FUCKING THING .DRU

Paul said...
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drew said...

green is good? Not always. They are using this as the new selling point. The bottom line is usually about MONEY, unfortunately. Al Gore has made about a billion on his involvement in the environment yet they say his light bill at his mansion is like 55 thousand a year??? I guess with all his money he can afford it.. Problem is the longer you live the less you believe and I hate to admit I sound like my Father!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with your comments, Michael. Any programme I see on TV usually features a couple who have managed to build a house out of recycled cowpats, live on an acre of land and don't appear to have to work for a living. Or last night, a couple who spent 50,000 on a 'heat exchanger'(WTF?) for their home and found the lecky bill was 200 more! Duh. Take care and keep writing - it's the start of your great novel about the life and times of Mambam - Peter-D.

Kyle said...

They do believe we are all idiots and they most certainly are trying to make money off of us.