Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Time for myself

Time away from work for half an hour and i sit here at the computer and write drivel for a while.
I don't know if i'm back to blogging again full time but let's give it a go shall we ?.

My old flat had blinds on the windows and looked out across a road to a brick wall and some flats and houses to one side that you would need binoculars to see into. It hardly had any light coming in really and was quite private in many ways (as long as you ignored the paper walls).
My new house has big open windows looking down a street to other houses, very light and bright and open for anyone to look into. I have already seen the woman at number three picking her nose whilst watching Eastenders.
So no walking round in my knickers or in the nip anymore for me. There is always a downside isn't there ?

I read a great put down in the paper the other day. "even if she were the last woman on earth i'd still only use her for bait to catch a wild animal"

It was the birthday today of one of the guys in the warehouse, he is 20. I couldn’t find a card with happy 20th on it, so I got him two fives and a ten. The joke was lost on him. Humour is a weird thing, you either get it or you don't. Some people pissed themselves laughing others thought i was a weirdo.

As i type this i still think i stink of white spirits from cleaning the paint off my hands. I've washed them with soap and water as well but I'm wondering if i should give them another swill before i have a wank. I don't want a repeat of the Vics incident from my childhood.


naturgesetz said...

Ah, yes: Vick's! There was a cute ad maybe 20 years ago for some cold remedy other than Vick's. Shows boy in bed looking miserable. Grandmother suggests one thing, like chicken soup. Others have other ideas. Brother shows up, points at suffering boy, and says, "Vaporize him!"

naturgesetz said...

And I guess you'll need to get some blinds or shades so you can go au naturel or nearly so.

Octavius said...

Yes you need to wash those hands thoroughly before play. Trust me on this! Dermatitis and your cock, is not a very pleasant experience.