Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Hit & Run

The down side to having time off at Christmas is that there is piles of work to do when you get back.
We were so busy today that no-one noticed the Christmas trimmings and cards were still up. Ryan was made to take them all down and by the time he had finished it looked all empty and bare. Much like Offices are in reality. there isn't much sparkle around a working office from January to November.

Somehow i have managed to dent my car. I don't know when, where, or who. But there is a big dent in my back door. It can't have been me or i would have remembered doing it. So that means a hit and run when i parked it somewhere. Bastards !


drucloud said...

wow what a picture today enough to keep me ER busy!!. its more than likely some get`s just bumped your car while parked up and just sed nothing evil bastards.
have a favour to ask of you could you ad my blog to your blogrole its only been up 1 day will pass it on if you say so DRU

Anonymous said...

That happene to me a week ago, came out of the place I was eating and boom, big dent in my door, no note, nothing...Bastards! agreed!

dude, love the pic today;)

naturgesetz said...

You mean you don't decorate the office for Hallowe'en and the Fourth of July?


vilges suola said...

Sorry to hear about the car, sunshine. Just hope the other bugger has a bigger dent.

Blummin ummer, but that's a grand lad in that photo, intit? 'E's got a right bagful, an't e?' as my grandma used to say.