Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Shit happens

Got stuck in the snow tonight.
Had to dig out the drive
Listening to moaning old git all day telling me how this isn't proper snow, when he was young it used to snow for months on end and got to 20ft deep in some area, before climbing into his 4X4 and driving home.
Listening to more moaning bastards complaining that there is snow everywhere and are disgusted the council don't have a fleet of 500 gritters on standby just in case it snows twice a year.
Cars getting in the way when i'm driving up a slippy hill and don't want to lose my momentum
Stupid tosspots trying to overtake when i'm driving slow on purpose
Not having a good day today. Can you tell ?


Anonymous said...

I have the same reaction to snow...argggggg

hope it gets better

naturgesetz said...

There's always tomorrow.

Keeping momentum while going uphill is very important. (For those who haven't driven in snow, it's very easy to lose traction, especially if you're trying to accelerate at all, or to start moving. So if you are forced to slow down to about 5 mph, and you try to accelerate to 8, you could find yourself skidding and either stop or even start slipping backwards. And when you're going really slow, it's hard to keep from pushing down on the accelerator. So a slowpoke on and upgrade in the snow is a real hazard.)