Thursday, 7 January 2010

Winter ramblings

What wonderful weather we're having, it's lovely don't you think ?(sic).
Let's say nothing more about it shall we ?.
Actually if i think about it, i'm glad i didn't decided to commute from Oldham. Can you imagine having to get over the tops in this shit ?.
Too many questions in these first few lines me thinks. back to proper blogging. Today in Twitter style bite sizes

My Mum has rung almost every night to see if i got home from work ok in the snow. Awww bless!!.
Apparently the guy next door got hit in the eye with a snowball and had to go to hospital.

Daniel jumped into a huge pile of fluffy snow in the back garden like a big kid. But the dog had shit in it and he got it all over his coat.

The place i used to work at has made several people redundant this week so that was a close call wasn't it ?.

Jonathan Ross is leaving the BBC. One of my favourite programs. The moaning old bastards who never watched him anyway and don't like anything that isn't the Antiques Roadshow are wetting themselves with joy. I'll miss him, but who gives a shit what i think. The opinions of miserable old Daily Mail fuckers are all that matter in this world.

Daily Mail comments
"what are people in the UK moaning about, It's only a bit of snow, get over it" B Shepard - Ex pat Bermuda

It's January the 7th and i still haven't had a drink. My new years resolution is going well.

Asked Ryan how his girlfriend is but he said he didn't know, he hasn't seen her much since New Year. LOL!. Me thinks that relationship isn't gonna last.

My mobile keeps turning itself off, bloody thing.

It was so cold last night i stopped sleeping naked (apart from boxers). Now i can't sleep because i feel all tied up with t shirt and bloody jim jam bottoms i haven't worn since i was 11. Every time i turn over it all twists and pulls.
My mum suggested a hot water bottle or an electric blanket. I'm turning into an old man.


drucloud said...

how about another duvet/blanket.
is that typical of denial.
when i was younger we went sledging in the snow on the pennines never been so bleeding scared in my life.
i dont have a problem with Jonathan ross think channel 4 might bring him back.
wonder if you could have a look t my blog only there a few days its
http:\\ have a look tell me what you think thanks DRU

Mambam said...

will do Dru. And i'll add a link as well ;-)

drucloud said...

thank you not expecting it to be as good and by the way no need for baby oil at all dru

naturgesetz said...

Daniel jumping into used snow reminds me of the saying we used to have: "Don't eat yellow snow."

It sounds as if taxing the job in Halifax and moving there are turning out to have been good decisions, at least so far.

I'd guess Ryan isn't madly, head over heels in love with his gf.

I wonder if our bedding system on this side of the pond is better for naked sleeping in cold weather. Instead of a duvet, we have a sheet over us as well as under, and then as many blankets as we need on top of the upper sheet. Usually two is plenty.

Electric blanket is another good idea.

And well done on your New Year's resolution. I didn't realize you were serious about it.

Cash said...

Dogshitsnow, man! I too was recently attacked with it. Well, more like my foot sunk into a pile of it. Not fun. Not fun at all.

Mambam said...

I'll be watching you

I' not sure i am serious about the new year resolution, but i'll give it a go and see how long i can keep it up, then i'll probably just cut down, and by the end of january i'll be getting pissed and showing myself up again ;-(

Dogshitsnow LOL anyone tried a dogshitsnowball ?.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the resolution.

It's my birthday on Wednesday then I'm going on the wagon.

All my family say I drink too much, so for xmas I got;
3x JD,
1XJim Beam,
1x Mount Gay Rum ( my favourite)

2x Smirnoff Blue label
1x Glenmorangie (also my favourite)

6x Red Wine.

Just one voddie and half the Jim Beam left, Oh well !

I have a big bedspread to throw on top in the winter, I too could'nt handle being swaddled in too many clothes.