Friday, 8 January 2010

Not going out

It's a Friday night and i'm stopping in.
No partying for me this weekend. And no Daniel coming over either. In fact no contact with any other human being if i'm not careful.

Apart from Shopping for food i'm going no-where. It feels weird. How will i cope ?. Close the door tonight and apart from a trip to Asda i won't be stepping out till Monday morning.

So i intend going through all my stuff that is still in boxes.
First box.
Porn !!


Writer said...

Sounds like a fun night in. :D

I have plans for a friend to come over or to hang out but I'm sick and have to work all day tomorrow, so no, going out and probably not looking at porn either. Just me squashed between three cats.

Anonymous said...

I am affraid if I started with porn, no other boxes would get looked

naturgesetz said...

Read some books?

Watch the gritters?

Play solitaire if you have a deck of cards?

Cook a lot of stuff you can put in the freezer and eat later? (Be sure you have individual-portion-sized containers to freeze it in.)

drucloud said...

i have a box like that full of mags dvds videos sentimental and priceless
also out later ex workmaes should get interesting depending who turns up

Anonymous said...

We've even got snow here in the south of France. I had to go over the tops - in this case the Pyrenees - into Spain, just got back before the border was closed. And that only one hour from the Costa Brava! Can't imagine lying on the beach in your cozzy. Keep warm, take care - Peter-D.

Paul said...

I'm in Salford, I can't imagine ever being warm in the sun again. Why not go and introduce yourself belatedly to some of the neighbours? Find yourself a friendly/helpful oap, you can do a few bits of shopping for them and gain an instant watchdog for the house! You'll gain some brownie points as well in the karma stakes.

drew said...

Sounds like a little old age is creeping into your life. First the job, then the house and next is the dog/cat. You notice any gray hair!!! Just giving you a LITTLE shit for your weekend. Have a good one!!

Brahm said...

really? That's the first box? what a coincidence... and like you will get past that and on to anything else!!!

Anonymous said...

I guess not much un-packing got done then.

Mambam said...

Thanks for your comments fellas, I got no further than the box of porn. ;-)