Thursday, 21 January 2010

Like Cats & Dogs

What is it with cats ?.

Next door has a couple and when i come home from work they are always sat on my doorstep, but any attempt at stroking them is met with a sudden snub. They run off as i'm gonna stamp on them or something.
This morning one was sat in the middle of the road. As i got closer in my car it just sat there as if to say 'go on, run me over if you dare'.
It wouldn't shift. Confronted my a massive car slowly edging towards it, it played chicken. Cats are weird creatures.

At least you know where you stand with a dog. It will either rip your face off, or piss itself with excitement at the very thought of you coming home.
Cats are snooty buggers, dogs are thick as two short planks.
I think i'm a dog man. Dogs will shag anything.

Ryans mom is ill. She apparently has some sort of problem with her stomach and needs to go in hospital for an operation according to Ryan. But one of the other women says she knows Ryan's mum and it's more of a women's fanny thing.


drucloud said...

i miss dogs that used to chase cars when i was younger . as for ryans mum
thats put me right off me tea fish fingers

drucloud said...

ps the picks are getting more erotic can you tone it down costing me a bombe in man size tissues

Anonymous said...

i have both a cat and a dog, and actually my dog is way more of a snot than my cat has ever thought of being...but usually cats are as you describe, they think they own the

btw: that could be my favorite pic you have ever posted;)

Mambam said...

you never see cats chasing anything they don't think they can eat afterwards do you. but i have seen a dog trying to chase a train once. I don't know what he would have done if he had caught it.
Also, i don't think most people read the words, they only come back for the pictures. I wonder why?.

I have known snotty dogs, but they are few and far between.
As for the picture, Do you think it is a glimpse of a bum crack that does it for you ?. LOL

Octavius said...

Yup..., dogs all the way baby!

On the Ryan front..., looks like the perfect opportunity to comfort a dear friend.


drew said...

my sister has a cat and she comes over to be scratched and when you are doing it she decides to bite the shit out of you... the few times I have been bitten by a dog it told me to stay away (growling) and I didn't.. I must say dealing with dogs is much easier..