Monday, 11 January 2010

One in the kisser

Back to work, thank god for that. Human beings to talk to.
Mind you within half an hour there were the odd one or two i wanted to piss off and leave me alone, but that's life i suppose.

Ryan had a cut on his lip, he said he got hit in the face with a Wii control.
He then said it had chipped his tooth as well and showed me. I had to lean really close up to see into his mouth. It took me all my strength not to kiss him.
Fuck me, he's got those really beautiful eyes that look really clear and fresh, and teeth that have been looked after, all white and gleeming, he even smelt nice and shower fresh.
Change the subject quick. He's not gay so forget it.

When i tidied up last night i found several used tissues on the bedroom floor. My cold is over so i wonder where they came from ? ;-)

I never slept a wink last night. The downside to sleeping too much is that it catches up on you. Eventually your tired during the day and wide awake at night.
I spent most of my night thinking and trying to tell myself to go to sleep, but then i'd start thinking again and was wide awake till about 6ish. Then for some reason my head decided to go to sleep.
I felt shattered when i got up.


drucloud said...

maybe ryan has worked out that your gay and wanted you to have a closer look kidding. thats another downside from sleeping most of sunday .

Anonymous said...

to much sleep can wreck u for Ryan? Im still playing catch up...