Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Back in training

What with all the snow and stuff it feels like forever since i last saw Daniel and my family.
It was only the other week but that's a long time if your trying to keep in touch. I've arranged for us to go out this Friday night, weather permitting. Can i have a night out in Manchester without having a drink ?.
No of course i can't, but i can have a night out in Manchester without getting absolutely trashed....I think.

I even invited Ryan over, if he's interested, with his tosser friend. I don't think they will come, but it's an offer. I'll show him a few places worth visiting..snigger.
It's been hell at work, so busy, we are understaffed i think, but the boss is trying to keep staff wages as low as possible so he won't set anyone else on. I suppose it's better to be busy than stare at the walls all day, but it gets a bit heavy at times.
I am thinking of taking up the gym again. It's new year so why not ?. Fitness First costs a bloody fortune so that's out. I wonder if there are any gay gyms around here ?. No come to think of it, that's a bad idea, i'm supposed to be going to get fit, not to shag some totty in the sauna.
Imagine going to a men only gay gym ?. You'd spend more time in the changing rooms wouldn't you ?.


Anonymous said...

so you'll join the gym, and the next pic you post will be you in the yellow spandex??? wink wink;)

drucloud said...

theirs one near me nottingham gay with small gym sauna spar been a few times have teamed evenings like bears yuk to much hair i think .DRU

Paul said...

why not check out the local authority run gyms, they usually work out cheaper? Perhaps you could persuade Ryan to go with you!

Paul said...

By the way the Moneysavingexpert sitg has tips on cutting gym costs at http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/health/cheap-gym-membership

Mambam said...

You never know. Actually i quite like a nice tight arse pic in spandex LOL
Teamed evenings or themed ?. Teamed sounds like fun. Tag teams ?. LOL.
I have done that. i'm onto it, good advice.
And i also saw martins money tip as well, cheers.