Wednesday, 13 January 2010


What was i thinking ?.

I went out tonight to see some friends. I won't say where i met them, but they are both gay and in the closet. which seems strange as they live together in the same house so the neighbours must know something.
Anyway, it was a social thing and just a meal and a chat. I'm trying to find friends who live close by that would be good to hook up with. But as they both stay closeted around home they were a waste of time.
They travel to Leeds or Manchester and don't go anywhere on the 'scene' in Halifax. In fact they were about as none plus about where to go for any sort of gay life in this town as i am.

I had to travel through Bradshaw to get to them. What a fucking place that is at the moment. I don't think they have seen a gritter since 1976 and it looked like there had been a ton of snow dropped on it over night. The roads were like Glass with ice and at times i wondered what i was doing there.
The things you do to go and meet people, eh ?.
During the summer it might be better and i have had offers to take me on a night out in Leeds or meet some of their other friends. But all those contacts seem to be over towards Leeds.

Daniel rang earlier and i'm going over on Friday night to see him this week. He said he saw Jack today (old flame for those who don't know) and he was asking about me. He said he would tell me more about what was said when i see him on Friday. I can't work out whether he is just building the story up for effect, or if he has something to tell me.
Knowing Daniel, he's building up a story for effect, and the conversation with Jack will have just been "hello, and hows Michael doing?", that's all.

It was bottle ice on the roads this morning and i almost lost it on a corner turning into work.
just a little bit faster and i would have ended up the arse of another car. When the driver pulled over and got out, i thought this might not have been so bad. He was gorgeous. I wouldn't have minded being up his arse at all.

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next time just plow right