Thursday, 14 January 2010

The story so far...

I keep getting asked about certain people and things i write about. I forget that someone might just drop by and only read one post so have no idea what i'm talking about..
So as i one off (and as nothing of any relevance happened to me today) i thought i would write a short post that answers reoccurring questions.

I came from a part of Manchester that wasn't really gay friendly. All my life i have always heard very anti gay language from both friends and Family. So i always kept my head down and spent most of my youth well and truly in the closet. I eventually told a close friend who turned out not to be a friend. He told everyone else and i was dragged out of the closet kicking and screaming. On the plus side i would never have come out if he hadn't done it as i was happy living a pretend life. But it didn't go down well, i lost a lot of friends, ended up in a few fights fell out with my dad, left home, had nowhere to live spent many nights on friends sofas, and two nights in a garage at the back of a empty house......blah blah blah.

Anyway i ended up in a shitty flat alone with no job and no money, just me and a computer stealing someone elses wifi connection and started this blog.
As i started to come to terms with my sexuality and began sticking two fingers up to everyone (including my family) i moved on, deleted the blog and started to party a bit ;-))). Then i settled down a bit and started to come back down from the euphoria and started to get my life back together again.
I've left a lot of detail out because it was a bit more shitty than that and i got into some bad things. The last thing i wanna do is go over it all again. It's the past. But you get the gist dont' you ?. This blog is a lot tamer than the last one. I posted proper porn at one time and wrote all sorts of stuff about people i liked or hated, i was a mess i think.
Anyway, to start again go back to beginning of this blog.

A couple of other things i keep getting asked about ?.
Daniel for a start is a long time friend. When my life was going tits up, he was the only one who stood by me. He is also gay but we are not, and never have been, an item. I like him, he's good looking and i'm close to him. But he feels more like a brother and a really close mate to me. So close that i think we both know not to go there if you know what i mean.

Ryan is a young guy at work who sits across from me all day and i like a lot. He's 17, as fit as fuck and doesn't realise it, which makes him even more attractive in my book. He's shy, doesn't go out anywhere, spends all his nights in his bedroom at home with his parents playing computer games and is wasting his life away as far as i can see. His best mate is a wanker and Ryan just follows him around like a little puppy. Little did he know that he thinks his mate is the good looking one and he just tags along with they 'other mate'. But in fact he's the one that all the girls swoon over and he's far anyway.
On the down side, he is straight !!!!! shit, fuck, and hairy balls as my auntie jean would say. What a cruel world. I like him and i think he likes me but that's where it ends.

I am out to everyone at work but i don't talk about it to anyone. Why should i ?
And finally ?.
Well as i settle down and get my life on track this blog gets more and more boring. LOL.
Maybe i should write more about my past than the present, it was far more interesting in parts. Ha.


Anonymous said...

wow,, youve been through the shit, my friend....glad things are on an up swing and you are getting it together..thanx for catching me up, I hope it wasnt all painful remembering it all

chin up;)

drucloud said...

its nice to look back at the past its made you a better person must admit i did wonder about denial only saying that because my partner carl close friends for a few years and told eatch other every seedy detail about each other eventually we had a little chat and confessed are love to one another just over a year ago at it like rabbits still DRU

jlo said...

good to learn a little more about you. I don't think your blog is boring, If you want boring read my blog
I lead a very dull life, anyway LOVE AND HUGS