Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Up the Nile

Had a great weekend. I got drunk, but managed to keep a head on it.
I had a couple, and got to that nice relaxed, having a good time, feeling happy point, then slowed to a stop.
I wish i could do that all the time. It's a nice feeling but it lasts all of about 15 minutes. One more drink and you tip over the edge into oblivion. I'm good at doing that.

Daniel was in a happy mood as well. He said that Jack had been asking lots of questions about me and that he was thinking of ringing me.
I have no intentions of getting back with him or rekindling any kind of relationship. But the last thing you want to happen when you split with someone is to hear that they are living happily ever after and have moved on to someone else. What you wanna hear is misery and how much they are missing you. Then you can happily move on with your own life, content in the fact that it was a relationship that was never meant to be. Funny that eh ?.

We bumped into one of Dans acquaintances. He is about 30 or so, slightly camp, a bit weird and scruffy looking. The sort who have pink & blond hair with black roots showing. All white skin and spots. Thin as a rake and looking like he wears the same cloths every day. If he were and actor On CSI he would probably play the part of a drug addict.
He was OK though. His name is Nile (? wot ?) and he's a bit of a slapper. Nothing wrong with that. What i didn't like though was the fact that he was a bit of what my dad would call a predator gay.

He has a thing about straight men and seems to have a death wish with it. His goal is to hit on straight men and has millions of stories about married men he meets off gaydar or in saunas. His latest shag was a guy in Blackburn who has three kids under 10.
In fact he goes to a sauna almost every week and travels around from Barnsley, Sheffield through to Leeds and Blackpool. Gay men don't do it for him. he prefers straight men. Although i pointed out that if he's managing to get his lips around their genitals without getting his head kicked in, the chances are, they ain't straight.

I must admit it was all entertaining stuff, but not my cup of tea. I wouldn't wanna share a cup with him in case i caught something.
I seem to remember having a long conversation about crabs and how to get rid of them. If that doesn't tell you enough about him then perhaps you should note that before we left he started telling me about a private glory hole that he is building at his home. He intends inviting guys over to cum and go.
At this point Daniel and I left. Daniel was feeling sick.

I'm not naive to all this stuff i can assure you, but when you actually meet someone who does it, it's different. I'm fully aware that there are people out there into being shit on, but have you ever met or had a conversation with one ?.


Anonymous said...

all I can say about Nile..ewwwwwwwwwww!

sometimes fantasy and reality dont make good mates, ya know... ;)


Anonymous said...

I think the name is spelt niall. Perhaps you should put him in contact with jack. Make jack realise what he is missing!

drucloud said...

i dont get straight men either but have seen what can happen friends having shit kicked out of them . nile
yuk yuk yuk why would anyone have one in there house have used a glory hole only once sucking off a friend only once DRU

Anonymous said...

Do you think he'll piss all over the floor before kneeling down ?

Mambam said...

Ewwwwwww Indeed everyone.
the other thing is that you can't smell anything in a fantasy.
Nile or (niall ?) smelt a bit foisty.