Saturday, 13 February 2010

Blu Movies

Daniel has been great over the last couple of weeks.
It's at times like this you find out who your mates are. Someone suggested once that he would be a good housemate to share the bills with.
We'd kill each other !. We get on great, i like his company, he's my best friend, attractive, loyal, and we spend just about enough time together before we know it's time to walk away and part for a few days.

Tonight i'm going over to his place because his Mom & Dad are away for the weekend on a romantic anniversary trip to Paris.
So, as we are both skint and can't afford to go out, he's bought a couple of bottles of wine and we're gonna stay in and watch Blu Ray on his huge HD TV with surround sound and all that shit.

Do they do any porn on Blu Ray yet ?. I haven't seen any if they do. They say that with HD you can see everything warts and all. I don't fancy seeing any warts, but the all would be good.

The only problem with Daniels house is that it's very fluffy and women like. His mother has drape curtains and fluffy rugs, cream carpets and ornaments everywhere. You daren't turn round in case you knock something over. No shoes are allowed in the main room and he rarely goes in there himself because he's always being told off for not using coasters for his drink or putting his feet up on the chair. It would be so easy to leave a stain on the sofa as it's a light cream fabric and the cushions look like bloody mattresses.

It's really nice i suppose, but hardly practical.
Note to self - try not to spill any fluids. Not that we will be doing i might add.


Anonymous said...

remember NO FLUIDS! lol

have a great time;)

naturgesetz said...

By all means, spill no fluids and leave no stains.

I hope the HD TV isn't in the main room.

Probs best to sit at the kitchen table sipping your wine once you're through watching TV.

Have fun, and don't do anything I wouldn't do.