Friday, 12 February 2010

Fantasy Sleep

You know what it's like when you can't sleep. It's three in the morning and all you can hear in your head is that fucking tune from the Go Compare TV ad going round and round like a stuck record in your brain.
I never slept a wink last night. Obviously i did, it just didn't feel like it. No matter how much i told myself to stop thinking of things, 3 seconds later i'm thinking things.

Stupid things that i can't do anything about at three in the morning. I even had an argument with my next door neighbour from Oldham, who i never see anymore, about some rubbish left on the step.

In my dream thoughts i actually hit him over the head with a metal bar and killed him, then disposed of the body on the moors. This dream was slightly more entertaining than those fucking Go Compare ads but left me wide awake. Well it would wouldn't it, if you just topped someone ?.

I'm running short of cash at the moment, what's new ?. I need to find some other source of income. Last night whilst flicking through gaydar i even looked as a couple of commercial profiles for companies looking for escorts and porn stars. It was all fantasy stuff of course. Like most people i wouldn't have the guts to do it and in all honesty it's like everything else on gaydar, a flirty fantasy.
But i need to think of something serious to top up my bank account. I just got my gas bill this week and it's crippling me.


naturgesetz said...

Are there help wanted ads in the local paper?

That way, you don't have to think of something, just decide among the possibilities.

Good luck in finding something at least tolerable, if not downright enjoyable.

BTW, you might want to try a bit of long-term thinking as well. Will this be a permanent problem? I mean if you take your yearly income against your yearly expenses, do you come up short? Or is it just in the winter when you use so much gas? It might make a difference in what sort of work you're willing, or need, to take.

OTOH, having something keeping you busy for a few more hours every week may not be an altogether bad thing, and added cash makes it all the better.

drucloud said...

how about a house mate like Ryan?. you'd
have company when /if he came out of his room, you`d have more money, and if he fell behind with his rent well
am sure you can came to an arrangement :o DRU

drucloud said...

by the way todays pic talk about near the knuckle DRU

Paul said...

Perhaps a part time job might help you meet more people in halifax. Shelf filler in a supermarket (with staff discount on you shopping?)

Anonymous said...

The only answer I have found to things going round in my head when I want to sleep is to get up and write them all down in a big long list, have drink and then back to bed.
I have also tried counting sheep, saying my 37 times table, trying to work out a G#m scale in if starting on the second string. The only one that works is the list.

MadeInScotland said...

Fuck's sake. Don't be shy. Go for it, after all it's not like selling time is commonplace.

The business I am in charges me at £410 an hour.

You really want to stack shelves at £4.10 (or whatever min wage is) an hour?

You would be in charge, you would control your time. There's no shame. Honestly, in my opinion it's far more valid than a social worker.


Mambam said...

Thanks for all your helpful advice.
i like the way comments on blogs always ranges from proper, constructive and useful suggestions, through to just plain stupid.
this post hasn't had any stupid ones yet LOL.
Where were the ones suggesting i dress as a chicken and try selling oxo cubes at Asda?.:-)

I hear what your saying about the bills might being a winter thing. perhaps i need to do some more sums.

I don't think i could afford Ryan living here. He has that many electrical Gadgets my electric bill would match my gas
Also the picture is not near the Knuckle, it's near something else though ;-)
Asda, Morrisons, Tesco or Sainsburys ?. I know someone who has tried them all and can't get a job.
£410 and hour ?. I'd be happy to undercut you by half. what the hell do you do ?. Are you a hitman ?.
I must pay a bit more attention to your blog.

Paul said...

If you can't increase your income, you'll need to reduce your outgoings. Rather than stop eating, why not make a list of outgoings and see what you can cut. The Moneysavingexpert site can help here. Were vyou to take a lodger, making them pay half the utilities may persuade them to be careful with the leccie. A water meter can slash your water bills. Double check whether you can/cannot get a rebate on your council tax. You have claimed the discount for living on your own? The word verification for this comment is funds. (about the only funds I currently have!)

Mambam said...

Thanks Paul i will do that and let you know how i get on.