Thursday, 11 February 2010

Knock one off

It's been a weird couple of weeks.

You may have noticed i haven't blogged. Well those that bother to read stuff and not just look at the pictures might have done anyway.
I feel a bit fed up and i'm tired of traveling to be honest. I couldn't be bothered to blog. And now that events have passed i can't be arsed going over the past couple of weeks to update things.
Life goes on, people go on and it's not long before you return to the monotony of daily life.

To be honest i'm happy to get back to some sort of normality really. Since my uncle died everything has been turned upside down. Even having a wank seems like i'm being disrespectful.

How long do you leave it after the death of a close relative and their funeral before you knock one out ?. I'm ashamed to say in my case it was about 48 hours

I won't be bursting back into the blogesphere full tilt just yet. I'll just upload something when i feel like it. Meanwhile i'm off to bed with a box of tissues and a need for some tension release.


naturgesetz said...

I definitely had noticed, and was considering posting something to the effect of, I hope you're okay. But I'm not surprised you haven't felt like posting.

Naturally, it has been a stressful time for you, and it will take time for you to feel fully back to normal. There is no timetable — different people react differently. And of course there will always be lingering memories and feelings that will come to you from time to time.

So don't try to force yourself to get over it, and don't feel guilty about getting over it.

And when you feel like posting, I'll be happy to read what you write.

Anonymous said...

I had noticed you were goine, and missed you;)

take care of yourself, rest, wank whatever ya need...things will tilt back to normal soon enough;)

Octavius said...

You know mate, that is completely understandable. Just come back when you are ready.

Um yeah..., it took me a day or two, after the last time I lost someone.


Paul said...

I'd noticed your absence as well. Torchy has been missing in action as well, I suspected you were both in flagrante delicto somewhere exotic. (such as Bradford!) Things will feel back to normal soon.

drew said...

I have been checking in to see when you would be posting again. I certainly understand your absence and will be waiting for your full return.. Take care..

Paul said...

Waiting 48 hours for a wank isn't disrespectful. Wanking during the funeral would have been disrespectful though.

drucloud said...

i did miss your daily rents its not just about the pictures honest:).
i know what its like loosing family
i lost my mum and dad 9 years ago .
as for the disrespectful bit about 18
hours with me . DRU

vilges suola said...

If my nephew abstains from wanking after my funeral, I'll come back and haunt him. In fact I might put it in my will, 'have one for me as soon as you get home.'

Doomed But Cheerful! said...

Erm ... does getting off with a guy at your uncle's wake count as disrespectful? It was a long while ago, and the lightning bolt hasn't hit yet, so I guess I got away with it.

Glad you are back ...

G =]