Friday, 19 February 2010

Gay, not coming out

I've decided to stop in tonight and do nothing. After watching President Tiger Woods giving his Press conference at the Whitehouse (well that's how it looked) i'm gonna give the Live Episode of Eastenders a viewing, with fingers firmly crossed in hope that one of them forgets their lines and makes a complete tit of themselves.

It's the most boring, depressing, patronising PC soap on the box so i don't normally bother with it.
Every gay character must have a gay storyline to go with it, just like any black or ethnic resident. I'm waiting for the storyline where one of the Muslim family members fight their conscious and toy with the idea of becoming a terrorist. Trust me, it'll happen you mark my words.

It reminds me of the time Gay drama first started to hit the small screen. They all ended up dying of aids or getting beaten up after coming out.

TV is actually crap at the moment, but Friday nights (when you wanna go out) is the one night they seem to make some sort of effort.
I'm gonna bugger about with my recorder so i might post some video over the weekend, just for something to do.

Hope you all have a good one and get up to something a little more exciting. Have a great weekend ;-)


drucloud said...

about the same hear but i do catch the soaps a bit more not allot mind you. the most realistic gay drama if there was one would be queer as folk.the uk version mind you the us one was terrible . but i get the feeling your going to say they were both crap.
as for eastenders my moneys on Shawn
slater .DRU

Anonymous said...

Ill be home watching the tv too....friends comming round, bringing drinks, so here is hoping its fun:)

Paul said...

I hope you realise that when you start watching Casualty you've entered middle age. The grey hairs follow soon after.

Allen said...

Well I dont own a T.V. They are boring!

Jason Shaw said...

I lost you, I couldn't find you. Now I have. I'm going to keep you, linked that is. love the blog xx