Sunday, 21 February 2010

Too young to to drink

Changed my mind and decided to go out last night. I was bored.
It was bloody freeeeezing everywhere, but all the girls still wandered round with their tits out and arses showing.
Blokes don't really do that do they ?. Why not ?. Tops off for the lads i say.

I went over to see Ryan for about an hour or so at his local pub. It's one of the few places he can get into because he recons he looks too young to get in anywhere else and keeps getting turned away. That's probably because he is too young and should be turned away. Imagine what it must be like to live in America ?. You can't drink until your 21 i think. On the other hand they can drive around in cars the size of buses when they are about 12, so that seems a fair swap.

A girl down the street has been waving and saying hello as we pass. She's about my age and seems really pretty, but i hope it's not what i think it is.
I'm gay luv. sorry but your barking up the wrong tree. On the other hand i could be getting up my own arse, maybe she is just being friendly. I'm conscious that just because a pretty girl is nice to me that i don't naturally assume she's trying to get off with me.
On one level it's nice to be liked, even if it's someone your not interested in. I have noticed more heterosexual men doing this over the years. The ones who say they are not homophobic and gay friendly always enjoy the attention. Tell them they are good looking and you can see them feigning fake horror.
Whilst inside they obviously love it.


Paul said...

You think not drinking til 21 is bad, it's not that long ago that you couldn't have gay sex til 21. Ryan would have been illegal meat then

Anonymous said...

lol...its sixteen to drive here in the states.....what is the drinking age for you all?

vilges suola said...

I have noticed that even homophobes are pissed off if they realise you don't fancy them. Yonks ago some twat at a party, who really fancied himself, said to me 'you queer? I'm out of here!' to which I replied 'if you were the last man on earth, sunshine, you'd be safe enough from me.' That shut him up, and he was miffed that I wasn't salvating over him as he felt he deserved.

naturgesetz said...

I think we'd be better off if there were no legal drinking age. If kids could have a little glass of wine or some sips of beer with the rents at home or out at the restaurant, they'd learn how to drink sensibly and, more importantly there wouldn't be the big mystique of drinking meaning you're grown up. I think we'd have a lot fewer kids at universities thinking that the purpose of drinking is to get as drunk as possible, drinking themselves into stupors every weekend, and worst of all, getting into cars drunk and going out and killing people.

Mambam said...

Ryan is still illegal meat, he's not gay and i'd have to hold him down and force him if i wanted him LOL. so i suspect i'd get locked up either way.

18 Here in the UK, which means we start drinking at 16 and if your a girl and can dress up to look 18 with fake ID, you can manage to get pissed even earlier. Teenage drinking is a touchy subject over here. One of my mates had an 18 year old american cousin come to stay and the one thing she wanted to do was go to a pub and have a drink.

I find that the ones who say things about not bending over when i'm around in case i try shagging them from behind tend to be the fattest, ugliest twats in the room.
If they were really fit and attractive i'd probably agree with them ;-)

I agree but i think the problem isn't drink. if they could get pissed on something else that was legal they would. it's not the drink its the fact that they wanna get high. If drugs were legal pubs would go out of business.
Going out on a weekend to get 'blotto' is what they are after, that's the problem.