Sunday, 28 February 2010

Mambam Says Relax

I am feeling a little weak and under the weather after my nice quite relaxing weekend.
I now need a nice quiet relaxing Sunday night to get over it. So to fill a gap here's a picture to remind me of the summer. It seems so long ago since i last saw a ray of sunshine and weather warm enough to wear any less than four layers of clothing. I'm beginning to forget the joys of looking at strangers prancing around showing a bit of naked flesh.


Anonymous said...

relax and feel better, thanx for the reminded me of something I need to pay attention to straight away ;)

naturgesetz said...

I could do with some sunshine and warm weather, too.

drucloud said...

makes me realise i need a holiday somewhere hot . maybe near a nudist beach :-) ad even settle for a health spa weekend. as long as it was all male

naturgesetz said...

I see by today's Boston Globe that John Reed has died (Feb. 13) IN HALIFAX!!!

I don't think you told us that you had become a fellow townsman of the great Savoyard.

naturgesetz said...

Mambam said...

I'll be honest, i've never heard of him. And to make things worse i don't remember seeing anything about him in the paper.
Our local paper is called the Evening Courier.
You can read it in about 1 minute 30 seconds it's that interesting sometimes.
Thanks for the links thought.

The only people i know who were famous from around these parts were really old actors from the 40s or something. Eric Portman, and Wilfred Pickles.
And i only know that because i've drank in a town center pub called the Portman and Pickles

naturgesetz said...

The name Eric Portman rings a faint bell. Wilfred Pickles is new to me. But Portman and Pickles is a good-sounding name for a pub. I hope it's worth visiting, because if I'm ever in Halifax, I'm definitely going to stop in for a pint.

Of course, I had to google Portman and found a couple of videos.

There didn't seem to be so much for Wilfred Pickles, but I did manage to locate this:

You description of the Evening Courier is very amusing and evocative.