Friday, 26 February 2010

Wet my whistle at the weekend

The weekend starts here.
I'm in party mood tonight. Don't ask me why. I have no reason to feel happy, it's just one of those days. I'll be back to my normal depressed self Monday so lets make the most of it shall we ?.
I'm out on the town in a couple of hours and i'm going over to Mums on Saturday (Daniels later). So off goes the heating at my place and all the money i would save on gas and electric will be swilling down my gob the next two days.

I watched a TV program the other night about saving money through energy efficient means. They picked a family with three young boys and amongst the suggestions made the oldest boy (about 13) was told he must spend less time in the shower. Apparently he could be in there for up to half an hour !!. If the kids saved money they could get 10p each a day for their piggy bank, if he still spent half an hour in the shower they took 10p back.
Now maybe i'm making presumptions here, but when i was 13 i'm sure i would forgo any measly 10p for a wank in piece. I bet he spends more time having a shit from now on.

I don't know how we got onto the subject but there was much discussion about tattoo's in the office today. A snap survey of the room found that no one had any so couldn't really say whether they were a good thing or bad.
Personally ive never really bothered about wanting one. I've had others try pressurise me into having one but i could never see the point. It's like branding yourself with something that will look out of date in a few years time. I know a guy who had one showed me his (oo-er missus) and it was a sort of design that shouted 90's acid house smiley face rave scene. Tattoos can date you in the same way that old cloths can.

At night when your drunk, the Town Center looks like a magical Christmas tree of lights and music, happy people, sexy people, hustle, bustle, excitement.
During the day it looks like a hearse and coffin are about to drive pass at any time and a more depressing dump you would be hard pushed to find.


Anonymous said...

have fun tonight....

I would pic the wank over the money too...

and the tattoo thing, u r so right, I got one yrs ago, so yucky now...hate it;)

naturgesetz said...

That's Halifax in the video?

I agree with you about tattoos. Why would you want to deface your beautiful body?

drew said...

now the new thing in our area is tattoo removal. It is as big a business as adding them. Have a good weekend. You never mentioned the salesman again. did he come back??

Anonymous said...

Yeah me too about tatts. Is the world turning against them? How beautiful Beckham was before his tattoos - wanker, but beautiful.

Paul said...

I've yet to see the sun shine in Halifax. Apparently the main reason in rains so much in manchester is that even the rain doesn't want to go to Yorkshire!