Thursday, 25 February 2010

Who's the Daddy ?

I bought an old book off Amazon the other day.
Personally i prefer to read Crisp new ones in hardback covers. It's a much better experience i find, but this one was out of print so i went for a second hand one.
It stunk.
Old books smell. It wasn't a really bad smell, just old peoples hallways type of smell. I think i'll stick to new ones in future.

I spoke to Rachelle on the phone tonight. Haven't chatted to her in ages. She thinks she might be pregnant and is crapping herself. On one hand she wants it. On the other hand she thinks she's to young and not ready. Should have thought of that before you got jiggy with the boyfriend then shouldn't you love ?. It's happened before and we've had the same conversation back then. Luckily it turned out to be a false alarm, but one day it won't be.
Saying that, he's as fit as fuck so i think i would have struggled keeping my hands off when drunk.

Imagine if gay men could get pregnant ?. Would it make them sleep around less or would there just be a HUGE population increase overnight ?.

"Daddy, where did i come from ?" Stallions sauna on Saturday night son, i've no idea who your dad was it was a group session and it could have been one of at least 10 people.


vilges suola said...

If gay men could get up the duff, there would be a huge increase in the sale of condoms, because no man would want to go through nine months of that shit.

What was the BOOK about?

Anonymous said...

old books do stink;)

men having babies, I dont know, but the thought scares the crap out of

Anonymous said...

Some gay men do want babies. Back when I was still just about sexually active (5 months ago now!!!!) I met an Irish guy whose first (no! Second!!!) question was 'do you want to have children?' What the fuck! 'Not tonight, thanks' I said. Oh and I love old books, and new books.

Jason Shaw said...

I love the smell of old libraries, you know the big old old ones, like the one we have down here. When I enter the building I feel like I'm entering knowledge, I can smell it.

However, enter a secondhand booomk shop and all I smell is dust and cat pee!

God, if gay men had babies, we'd have Clone Zone Kids. Prowler for babies. Dildo shaped bottles. eiiks