Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Suckered in

A guy knocked on the door tonight with a clipboard in his hand. He had a name tag on the jacket lapel of his suit and called me sir. He then proceeded to bid me a good day and mentioned how cold it was at the moment.
This is the worst possible scenario for someone walking up my drive. It stinks of salesman trying to flog me something and before he even opened his mouth i must have given him the look of someone about to stab him with a knife. If it weren't for the fact that he was actually quite good looking i probably wouldn't have opened the door (damn he got my weak spot).
In fact he was supposedly offering government grants to households in the area for cavity wall and loft insulation. I still didn't trust him and wouldn't let him past he door but i did consider it.
Even when i'm confronted with something i consider to be my mortal enemy (pushy salesmen) i'm still a sucker for a pretty face. I told him to come back tomorrow night.
(i'll make sure I've put clean bed sheets on my then ;-)).

Sometimes, when there is bugger all going on in your life it's difficult to blog. I can sit at the keyboard and stare for a while thinking to myself, what happened today ?.
I still have the time to blog and still wanna post something, but bloggers block hits and you don't know what to type.
Then it occurred to me that something is missing here. I started this blog as an online diary. Not specifically for you the reader (let's face it you don't know me anyway) more for me.
The difference between an old fashioned pen and paper diary and an electronic one, is that you don't just have to write things. I can (and have) posted pictures and video & music in the past. But it hasn't always related much to the online diary theme has it ?. Let's face it pictures of eye candy are just that, eye candy, and bear no relevance to the text on what's happening in my life at the time. I suppose i could say that i've definitely knocked one out to these pics so it does have a bit of a diary reference doesn't it ? Yes i hear you say, so they can stay.
On the other hand if i post music it's something i am definitely listening to now, or reminds me of an event i've attended or night out. so that can stay as well.
The next thing to look at is video. I think i need to avoid bog standard U-tube, and post more things i've uploaded myself of anything from stuff I'm watching on TV or personally recorded to the area i live in or stuff i see.
Expect a few changes, more additions than subtractions, but blogs get boring if they don't progress i find. For the blogger more than the reader.
This video clip just shows the pervert in me. I only watch this show because it has a tendency to show nudity from time to time and filthy perverted sex on a regular basis.
It's a man thing i suppose and something i've done for years, i've watched whole 2 hour boring foreign films on the hint that there will be to naked men having sex somewhere in it. Now how pathetic is that ?


Anonymous said...

I agree, I have a journal blog as well, it is for life, my thoughts. I think the changes you will make will be good;)

the vid, so hot...I do the same thing watch a boring as hell show just to get a glimpse of naked guy;)

Jason Shaw said...

Loved this post, really good. I think its like us all in some way. I've been known to stay up late to watch shows that may have even a hint of cock in them, or a flash of male nuddyness.

I blog because, it's inside me and wants out, it's my vent. My freedom, my life.

Wishing you loads of happiness.

naturgesetz said...

The insulation could save you plenty on your heating costs. I hope his return visit will be worthwhile.

naturgesetz said...

BTW, you mentioned the good looking guy's clipboard. SO I thought I'd share with you thatlast summer or the one before, I decided that since cupboard is pronounced "cubberd," clipboard should be pronounced "clibberd." It's lots of fun.

(There is a subway station at the end of one of the Boston lines, called Wonderland because it is across the road from the former dog racing track of that name. It has always been pronounced with the final syllable given the same sound as if it were standing alone — e.g. "We know we belong to the land,/ And the land we belong to is grand:/ Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweeping down the plain… etc." Well I've decided that it's more fun to Briticize the pronunciation, with a "lund" at the end, like Sunderland.)

Paul said...

Michael, All I can say, from your comments about Shameless is that you need a good shagging! Travel to Salford immediately!

Mambam said...

I know, i read it, and don't be surprised if i post more of this TV stuff as i go along.

I agree, sometimes you think your just writing shit. But it needs to be written. In the past people would just keep it to themselves. It's like therapy via the medium of the internet rather than an diary you might keep hidden somewhere. Better to do a diary on the web. Less chance of anyone you know finding it and reading your inner most thoughts.

I have always liked the way some posh people pronounce tissue as 'Tiss-you' rather than Tishoo. In school i once got marked down for writing 'cuboard'. The teacher made me look at the word i had written and asked me to tell him where i went wrong. I stared at the word for ages and still had no idea what was missing. Who was to know there was a p missing. Engilish is a weird launguage. Sometimes i think we should follow the American spelling of words. They seem far more sensible colour or color ?.

Manchester here i cum

Anonymous said...

I love your blog. Mine is all arsy and academic and safe but yours is real and funny. Maybe you do get lots of readers because of the pretty pics, but I think it's more likely to be the racy writing. Love Alec