Sunday, 28 March 2010

Gay Lesbian or Bi on TV

A lazy Sunday, i was gonna do the Garden but it was a bit overcast and i couldn't be arsed.
I took Daniel home and was gonna stay for the afternoon,but i couldn't be arsed.
I should have gone to the supermarket, but i couldn't be arsed.
I think you get the idea don't you ?.

I've been sat on the computer for a couple of hours now, which is ridiculous when you think that's what i do all week at work.
But its different at home. Theres more porn for a starters and it's like flicking through a book. Mindless at times and just something to pass the day.

I saw a survey on the BBC Website entitled "Consultation on the BBC's Portrayal of Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual Audiences".
It's a 5 minute question and answers thing where you can tell them what you think of them, so i thought i would give it a go.

It was quite good really, because normally with these things it's a straight forward box ticking exercise that you can tell is pre setup to make you give the answers that they want to hear. But this thing was full of questions and boxes that you fill in yourself and say what you like. Whether anyone reads it, or takes any notice is another thing mind you.

I Wrote that i was getting a bit sick of seeing only one kind of gay man on the telly. Camp, flamboyant, Acid Queens who refer to themselves as poofs, like Judy Garland or Madonna and only talks in double entendres.
I have no problem with people like that. But the BBC seems to think that Stereotype and gay are the same word. I suppose it's better than Dramas full of gays dying of aids, but i'm getting a bit bored of it. And i don't know about you but i'm finding more and more heterosexuals are slipping back into their old ways of assuming that we are all like that.

I couldn't say anything about Lesbians because if i'm honest there doesn't seem to be any on the telly. Or at least if there are they seem to be able to appear without shouting it from the rooftop.
And as for the Bisexual thing. I can't see any of them either.

Having written all that, i then went on Gaydar for a bit, spent some time looking at porn on Edengay and spoke to Rachel on the phone where we bitched about an Ex boyfriend of hers, before talking about how good her current one was in bed.
Perhaps the BBC have it just right. we are all like that deep down !.


Anonymous said...

LOL, you might be right, we all at times have our "queen" moments:)

good post my friend, like the new layout as well;)

Anonymous said...

Hi! Just to say I'm still reading your great blog, just haven't had anything interesting to comment lately. Keep up the good work and take care - Peter-D.

Gauss Jordan said...

I love TNT (in the states) because of their portrayal of gay characters as just regular people. Granted, sometimes they've got unique problems, but they're dealt with as real humans, not some campy caricature.

Paul said...

I believe you should always vote, although if necessary leave the ballot slip blank. At least that way you can'y be accused of apathy.