Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Teenage holidays

My Mum and Dad have decided to go to America for a couple of weeks on holiday later in the year.
As usual they will be going with some friends and a couple of uncles and aunties, kids and all.
It's a bit of a tradition. they rarely go alone, they have to go with a gang.

I'm always being asked to go as well, but i remember what it was like as a kid.
When you're a teenager, going on holiday with your parents is more of a chore than a break. Up to about 10 it's fine, then it just becomes and embarrassment.
Sitting next to a pool with my Mum in a bikini and my dad telling me to go and talk to "that pretty girl over there" warrants a dirty look and a storm off in a strop.
When i think back i was a right little moody twat.
But who could blame me ?

There was me looking in a funny way at men in speedos whilst trying to keep covered and out of the sun. The very idea of being even slightly naked filled me with horror.

It could be fucking 30°c and i'd still prefer to keep my jumper on LOL I think it's a British thing. I'm different now, but back then i was whiter than white, the sun never saw a single area of my skin during my pubescent years.

I quite like the idea of going with all my mates though so i'm thinking of asking round to see if anyone else Fancy's it.

TV has been shit again this week, but here are a couple of highlight's that caught my eye.


Anonymous said...

Shameless is matchless.

Anonymous said...

Oh gawd, vacations with the family...always a nightmare:)

drew said...

great TV. passed up a chance to have a supervised visit to the colonies!!! Are you feeling better??

naturgesetz said...

Going where with all your mates? To America, like your Mum and Dad?

Are we going to meet over here before we do in Halifax?

Let me know when you'll be in Boston.

Mass., that is, not Lincs.

Anonymous said...

My family holidays were always to other relatives. It seemed to be a method of increasing the relative count. One lot of grandparents had odd rules, but I like my family, and get on well with them. There are two homophobic cousins I could easily shoot ... Still depressed by your tv excerpts, don't know why. <3<3

Anonymous said...

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