Monday, 15 March 2010

Unscheduled weekend diet

I've not been anywhere this weekend. I've been ill.
I spent most of Saturday night sat on the loo (LOL) now how sexy does that sound ?.

I've now been left with this really annoying aching pain in my abdomen and it's not going away. I don't know if i've strained something or what, but the only time i ever have this sort of ache is when i've over done it with the sit ups.
At least then you know you've done something good. An ache after exercises is a good sign. One after having a crap is a bad one.

Anyways to change the subject quickly, i've had a letter from a mysterious person. Actually they arn't that mysterious. Their name, address and telephone number appears at the top of the page.
It must be for someone who lived here before me and they obviously don't know they have moved.
It's a full 5 page letter written in ink from a proper pen with handwriting that is sometimes hard to decipher.
E-mail has destroyed letter writing, not that i ever did any myself, but there is something special about getting a letter, even if it's not mine.

I won't go into the details, it's all quite boring to be honest, but lets just say the operation turned out well and the kids are doing fine at school.
I know i shouldn't have opened it, but i have no idea where the previous owners now live so i couldn't pass it on, even if i wanted to.

I've been invited round for tea again to the hairy bears palace. They must be getting desperate for company. I turned them down this time. I think i need to avoid food for a bit. Maybe they are the reason i feel so bad, have they been spiking my food with something ?.


Anonymous said...

how funny, I got a letter for the old owners of the house last week as well, and yes I opened it, and much like yours not much to report, lol

hope you feel better soon;)

Paul said...

Perhaps the bears could introduced you to others of your own age. I know what you mean about Halifax, went into a pub there once. Never again.

Anonymous said...

Those bears is getting most assiduous just as you is getting most acidulous. Connection? Watch your self M. Barmpot ;-P

naturgesetz said...

Give the pain a couple of days to clear up. If it isn't getting better, see the doc.

The dude in the picture would look better without the ink, IMO.

naturgesetz said...
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drew said...

hope you are feeling better. you might want to try one of those "digestive" biscuits!! ;-)

drucloud said...

M potbarm :)
is it a posture problem maybe. today picture hes is fu##ing lovely love the tattoos