Sunday, 14 March 2010

Google Street View Comes to Town

Don't ask me why i'm posting this particular picture. I think it's in response to a message from Naturegestz in the comments section.
I've only ever been in this pub the once and didn't like it. But it does illustrate something that i've spent the past hour or so looking at tonight.
Google Earth has now included the whole of the UK in it's street View mode. Which means my own house and the home of most of my friends are up there on the Internet in full 360° crystal clarity.
How do i feel about it ?.
Actually i think it's great. I'm a nosey parker and have checked everyone out. The novelty will soon wear out though. It always does. But for now, i quite like to see into peoples windows and am looking to check out who's car is parked outside who's house. Am i walking down the street in that one ?. Any totty with their tops off ?.
Or better still, old boyfriends houses, Is he shagging who i thought he would.? LOL.
From what i can see it was all taken during the summer so some places look really nice. If i find anything of interest i'll nick it and post it.


Gauss Jordan said...

I've been immortalized for all eternity in Google's Streetview DB in front of my parent's house. What're the odds that a Streetview car cruises by just as I'm getting in from the Airport? 1 / 525,600 minutes? ;-)

naturgesetz said...

You're so good to me! Thanks.

It's sorta too bad you didn't like it. You could have joined me there for a pint next time (= first time) I'm in Halifax. Oh well.

I'll just have to have my pint there and then join you at your preferred local.

Anonymous said...

the first time I saw my house on google map, it freaked me out, but after stalking, um I mean looking at others I know, I thought it was cool;)

Anonymous said...

I like the architecture of the pub.