Thursday, 11 March 2010

I Spit on your MP3s

Saw a bit of the football on telly last night and saw one of the player gob all over himself. He was obviously attempting to spit on the ground and had a bit of a blow back.
Never in my life have i ever had a wish to empty the saliva in my mouth onto the floor.
Unless i've eaten something i didn't like or got a bad taste from licking something (insert your own joke here) i've managed to spend most of my life not spitting when playing sports.
Why do people do it? It turns my stomach.
And before anyone suggest other filthy reasons, there are better lubricants than gob.

Just checking my computer i've now got about 25,000 MP3s stored away. I've borrowed, copied, downloaded, stolen, ripped and filed away anything and everything that anyone would let me get my hands on and built up a collection of stuff that according to I-tunes would take me 67.5 Days to play. Most of which i will probably never play ever and will no doubt sit on the hard drive doing nothing. It's been a bit of an obsession collecting them at times and i don't know why i've done it.

What happens when we move from MP3 my MP9 ?.
Will all this music become as useless as a bloody cassette ?.


Anonymous said...

4223 songs, 12.6 daze.

I agree spitting is foul, but it just goes to show their breeding dear.

naturgesetz said...

Spitting makes sense only when one is chewing tobacco and needs to get rid of the build-up of what we call tobacco juice. It wouldn't do to swallow it, so one needs must spit. If a spittoon is handy, that's ideal. Otherwise, when one is outdoors, the ground will do. Indoors, when I didn't have a spittoon handy, I'd provide myself with an opaque plastic cup (have to be careful not to knock it over).

Anonymous said...

simply said, spitting is gross!

drucloud said...

MP9 wtf are they thats allot of music you copied have copied a few torrents i know it wrong but if its there i will use it . its the clearing of the throat the spitting
that`s the worse .

Mambam said...

I was gonna comment on your comments about my post on spitting but as i was reading it was making me gip.

Anonymous said...

What did the nickname mean? Oh, no! That was several posts ago and we aren't supposed to ask, are we? No going back now! Ok *thinks hard* ummm! Yes, spitting. Like you, I'm all for it. Was that the right answer?

Mambam said...


Mambam Is a bastardisation of my full name.
I avoid posting it in full for obvious reasons.
Only the 'M' is taken from my first name 'Michael'. the rest is a jumble of my Surname.
It was a very childish kids thing.

Anonymous said...

Must be Michael Obama, right? Alright I'll stop guessing!