Wednesday, 10 March 2010


It's ok, i'm still alive. I Just had a couple of busy days that's all.

The sun has been out and the nights are getting longer so as i now have a garden to attend to i thought i would attempt to clear some of the rubbish out of it in the hour i have spare before it gets dark when i get home from work.

I'm beginning to have second thoughts about having a garden. Seems a bit to much like hard work to me. "i find it a nice relaxing way to unwind pottering in the garden" Bollocks !. It's all hard graft from what i can see.

Spoke on the phone to Mark tonight. Or 'Skiddy' as some people call him. I refuse to use a nickname on a man in his 40s. Mambam is an old nickname from my distant past but no one uses it, well not to my face anyway. It's a kids thing.
I knew a guy called Midge, he was small kid (midget...get it?, Kids can be cruel ) But he's about 6ft 4 now and married with children. Calling him Midge just seems ridiculous.
Although i have seen an old school teacher and still called him Mr Swift, and Sir.
Bryan didn't seem right, and would have felt too much like disrespect. Besides he might have given me a clout and sent me to detention if i had.
It's like calling your Mum by here first name. I know friends who do this, but to me she's Mum, and my Dad !.

Anyways back to Mark, i've been invited round for another meal. I haven't bloody met them two minutes and already i'm being wined and dined twice in a week. Let's hope they're not wanting to follow it with a sixty nine ;-).


naturgesetz said...

My Mom loved gardening, and I kind of wish I did. It would have been nice to do a bit for her when she got too old to do it herself. But I'm just not interested. It's all I can do to force myself to mow the lawn when I don't have a schoolboy hired to do it.

I'm sure you can deflect any indecent proposals. But if this isn't just an attempt to turn you into their boytoy, eventually you'll owe them a return invitation — at least a couple of rounds, if not supper, at Pickles and Portman or wherever you go; at most dinner at yours. (Since there's two of them and one of you, and they're established and you're still beginning your career, I wouldn't think the reciprocity needs to be one for one or even two for one.)

Bon apetit.

vilges suola said...

I bloody loathe gardening. I had loads of plants and herbs in pots on my balcony in Athens and loved footling about and watering them but cutting grass and weeding and getting sweaty and filthy and bitten by things is not my idea of relaxation after work.

Looks like you are going to have to learn to cook, dunnit?

Anonymous said...

I adore gardening:) My mum would have slapped me down if ever I called her anything but mum....

my nickname is just to silly to mention

and the boys and the 69, I think you might should be on the look out;) Im just saying;)

drew said...

I don't think Mark or his buddy is going to bother you. I think they know you are young and just getting started in life and are trying to being friendly. They won't be looking for anything in return. They know what it takes to entertain especially at your age.. I called my mom and dad by their first names as I got older and it ended up everyone did. Bern and Sal (for Bernard and Sally). It was not meant to being disrespect them and they knew it..

drew said...

I forgot to address gardening, I, nor my family, every left the concrete in our yard. still that way today. Let the yardman handle the yard.. I'll have a drink and watch!!

Anonymous said...

"Oi skid, invite that pisshead round, we'll dope his dinner, spit roast him and put the vid on the net."

Once you get the garden sorted, it is a lovely way of losing time, everything can be done on auto-pilot. When you've the hard stuff to do, it does'nt have to be done in one day.

Mum & Dad are always Mum & Dad.

Mambam said...

"It's all I can do to force myself to mow the lawn when I don't have a schoolboy hired to do it."
Ooo-eer, me and my filth mind
It Portman & Pickles, by the way not the other way round.
Google earth is now showing Street view Of the whole of halifax so i might show you some of my haunts when i next post something ;-)

I'm looking for ward to sitting in the garden, i'm just gonna have to get used to sitting in 7ft of grass thats all

My mum would still give me a clout even now. In fact she does. The last time was for saying "Shit" in the kitchen.

I know what you mean, i have a mate who calls his mum 'Duck' all the time. I don't know why because her name is Sue
I't just something i've never done that's all.

If they offer me sausages and spotted dick for afterwards i'll let you know