Monday, 8 March 2010

Weekend Friends

Well i've just had a great weekend.

Daniel came over and we went out, got drunk and met some people i didn't really know much on Friday night, but now consider to be new friends.
Mark and Mike are not my type at all but we have seen them in Manchester before. They live local and are partners apparently.
We said hello because we had done it in a drunken stupor a couple of times when out in Mancs, so were surprised to see them over here.

They are a bit like bear types. Not really, i suppose, 40s? shaved heads, one slightly camp, the other more manly, they don't have beards and not Roley poly, but The house is full of pictures of half naked men with hairy chests and Freddie Mercury Clone Zone Moustaches, you get the idea. I'm stereotyping them a bit arn't i ?.
Anyways, we all seemed to hit it off so we stayed together most of the night. Then on Sunday we were invited over for a meal.
The only annoying thing was that they assumed Daniel and i were an item. But apart form that i feel like i've met some new friends who live more local that i have something in common with.

Marks' Nick name at work is skiddy. The reason ?. Well apparently his second name is Brown, so in the phone book he is listed under Brown-Mark. LOL


Anonymous said...

New friends are always great;) glad you have met some people to hangwith.

skid mark, lol

naturgesetz said...

I don't think you have to have a beard to be a bear, but what do I know? I thought body hair and a burly physique — like a stereotypical 40-something motorcyclist — sufficed.

Anyway, it sounds as if you're gradually settling in. That's good.

word verification: strop
I haven't seen one since my dad switched from using a straight razor to a safety razor 45-50 years ago.

drucloud said...

fresh friends and closer to you .not a bad weekened may be it could lead to other things .

Anonymous said...

I admit to checking out the pic first, something I don't do on your blog as I come for your words, man. But fuck me he's a stunna.

New friends don't have to be potential sex partners.

Most of my friends are older than me but the boiz I ball are younger and it's always been that way.

And there's also nothing wrong with any of your descriptions of bears.Considering how shirtlifters are always whinging on about discrimination, there is so much bitchiness in the rainbow collective mainly of course led by firm buttocked, flat stomached little twinks that don't know or appreciate how lucky they are and deserve a good spanking.