Thursday, 15 April 2010

The Leaders Debate

Tonight on the telly "political history was made" here in the UK when we had our first American style Leaders debate.
90 bleedin' minutes of it followed by another 4 hours worth of "who won round one ?".
I managed to stay awake for the full hour and a half and thought that if i watch the other two debates as well it will give me a good excuse not bother with any other political shows during this boring election and i won't feel guilty turning the page when it's in the papers either.

Before the debate i had no idea who to vote for. I still don't, but Nick Clegg (Liberal) was the one i seemed to agree with the most, so they edge up the leader board a bit on my voting list.

But all the telly pundits see things differently to me. When i say i think he was the winner it means i agreed with most of the things he said. When they say he won the debate they mean he scored points and looked good. They then go on to dismiss him and his party as never standing a chance in the real election.

Being British that sort of thing touches on my bloody mindedness and makes me think seriously about voting for them just to piss people off. Besides, if so many other people said he did well surely that means they agreed with what he was saying as well ?. Or does it just mean everyone else thought he looked good and smiled in the right places like the pundits, but don't actually agree with what he is saying and won't vote for him ?.

I'm crap at this politics lark. I still don't know who to vote for.

After the debate, TV does what it always does, it fills the airways with reaction from other members of the same party. and what a bloody waste of time that is. Liberal politicians say Nick Clegg did well, Labour said the same about Gordon Brown, and Conservative went for David Cameron. Funny that eh ?.

Anyway let's drop politics for now shall we, i'm all politicked out (politicked must be a real word, it was on spell check)


drew said...

I think politicians are actors at heart. They love the stage. They are looking for their Oscar, Emmy or whatever. They will say anything to get elected... I don't look at such garbage. I vote on whether they are going increase gov't spending or not. If they are I am against it period. I want more of my money in my pocket. I am from the US..

naturgesetz said...

I think you're going at it very well. Listening to what the leaders say and seeing which one you agree with the most makes a lot more sense than using sound bites and slogans and the spin put on statements by foes and supporters as the source for your selection. (I hope you enjoyed the alliteration.)