Thursday, 15 April 2010

Sex on the Brain

Have you noticed i changed the blog format back to a boring background ?.
I don't know about you, but it was taking too long to load the page with fancy backgrounds and stuff. Plain is sometimes better than trying to be all flash.

I sometimes feel the same thing applies to life. But i could do with a bit of flash every now and then to be honest.
I've decided that i'm not gonna stay at this wedding thing on Saturday. Daniel and i are gonna show our faces, then sneak off when no one is looking and get off our faces in Mancs instead.

Daniel told me that his Ex has been in hospital for an operation. He didn't know what it was and seemed quite worried about him yesterday.
Tonight we hear that the operation was for Piles (hemorrhoids) LOL !.
Daniel thinks that alongside Aids, hemorrhoids are one the worst things a gay man can get. Ha!.
I'm not so sure he's thought that one through do you ?. Still, i don't think i fancy anyone fiddling around my back passage with a knife. (shudder) poor bloke.
Why does it sound funny though ?.
When my mother says `i'm going to the doctors with my feet` that always makes me laugh as well.

I watched one of those police camera action type shows on the telly the other night. You know the sort where a criminal steals a car and is chased by the police, he drives up the wrong side of the road, through red lights, smashes into other cars, scatters pedestrians and fights the cops off with a stick before being wrestled to the ground by 10 coppers with batons who drag him away as he screams abuse. Then they tell you at the end of the show he got 30 hour community service or that all charges were dropped due to lack of evidence. (in America he would have got the electric chair plus 99 years).

Anyways there was a guy on it. A bad guy, who looked a bad guy and not someone to be messed with. I shouldn't say this but he was as fit as fuck, and he had no shirt on. When he was struggling to break free they pulled his jeans down a bit as well to reveal a very nice muscular arse. And that!, ladies and gentlemen, is how my mind works.
I'm watching a serious documentary on crime and punishment and all i can think is `he's fit, look at that lovely bum, i wonder what he's like in bed, i bet he's a bit of an animal, i imagine he'd be a bit rough and forceful, perhaps very verbal and top...`.

I haven't quite reached the point where i'm looking at news reports on world disasters and getting distracted by half naked people, But i'm getting worried about myself.

I must get a shag this week end, i'm turning into a sex maniac.

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Anonymous said...

It always amuses me too, a veritable fortune spent on apprehending said villain and they get fuck all punishment, rather suggests that the police are'nt using their resources properly.

On the politics;
Brown was Brown.
Do you want five more years of him?

Cameron was too eager not to be nasty. I think we all know how fucked the economy is and know sooner it's tackled the better.But when the Tories tried to tell us that last year people started to turn against them.

Clegg did well but as Liberal he does'nt have any chance of winning the election. The polls put them on approx.20% you need close to40% to win. So it was his lucky day and Uncle Vince had trained him well.