Thursday, 15 April 2010

Yesterdays News

We have had a complete refit of computers at work. In the past most of them were kept well away from the Internet. No one was allowed to download or copy anything to the hard drive and they were exclusively set for Accounts and word processors only. We had one separate computer for the Internet and everything else was just on one network connected to nothing. This means that Microsoft never updated (still running XP) and there was no Antivirus and spam blocker needed.

If were being honest here, it worked brilliantly. The bloody things hardly ever crashed and they came on in a flash. (funny that eh?). Where as the Internet computer with Norton and spam blocker was always on the blink and took about 10 minutes to turn on or off. But times move on and we had to eventually update everything. The point to this post is that i can actually go on the net at work now and update this blog every now and then if i want to during my lunch break. The question is, do i ?.

Well actually the more i think about it i don't really want to be writing stuff on here whilst someone at work is looking over my shoulder (even though i am now), but i can send pictures every now and then (clean of course). so as an experiment i'm gonna try a extra post during the day as well as my normal evening blog post.
Starting here.

Our Canteen is full of newspapers. Some today's, lots of yesterdays and sometimes from a couple of weeks ago.
Then someone will tidy up and you have nothing to read when your drinking your morning coffee.

There isn't really much time to read the papers during a morning break, in fact i'm normally yakking away to someone whilst scanning the headlines. But every now and then something catches my eye and we spend the next ten minutes talking about the story having only read the opening line and not really knowing anything about the actual details.
Here is today's headline attention grabber. WTF ?.


Anonymous said...

Michael's shit the bed I thought when I saw the post notification.

Now all becomes clear.

Be careful. Can't clever people track where you're going on the net ?

naturgesetz said...


And are there parents so clueless that they actually buy these things? Do they think it's a good thing for their children to look "all grown up"?

Mambam said...

LOL. Wet the bed maybe, shit, never !

Yeh, it's like selling cock rings for 10 year olds, who in their right mind thought it would be a good idea ?.