Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Rage against the Bitch

I've had a bit of a fall out with Rachel tonight over that bitch from my past.
Rachel is suddenly friendly with her and has started going out with her socially. To the point where she's her new best mate.
I know i can't do anything about that. It's up to her who she picks as her friends but don't fucking expect me to be friendly with the cow as well and don't be expecting me to join in the fun on a night out together.
What do you do when your friend suddenly mates up with your mortal enemy from School?.

Worse still, i've tried to tell Rachel seriously and calmly how much i don't like this woman and how i would prefer it if we didn't meet again. But Rachel just laughed as if i was making a big thing about nothing. That is exactly how this witch works. She would wind you up to high heaven and when you nearly crack with rage she then just pisses herself laughing and makes out that you are going over board and in the wrong.
I fucking hate her and the fact that Rachel is becoming her mate is turning me off Rachel as well.

Before anyone comments that maybe i'm jealous of them, Rachel has many mates, it's just this one i can't stand.
I'm more incensed that no-one else sees it. Even Daniel thinks i'm being stupid and he knows what this woman is like.
I'm the type of person who will cut my nose to spite my face. I'll happily stay mates with Rachel, but any attempt at getting me and the bitch from hell together as friends will result in Rachel losing me as a bloody friend all together.

I'm not the same person as i was at school. I'd punch her for nothing nowadays. Who was the twat who said men shouldn't hit women ?.

Can you tell i don't like her ? LOL.
If only you knew how much of a misery she made my life. It's funny how something from so long ago sticks with you isn't it ?. I can think of at least three people i haven't seen in probably 10 years who still make my blood boil when i think about them.
One in particular i would happily gut with a fish knife. But who knows ? they might be completely different now, Maybe married with kids of their own, sensible grown up adults with sensible thoughts and ideas. But in my head they are still 14 or 15, they still have that arrogant swagger and they still talk like tit heads.

Let is go Michael, let is go.......


naturgesetz said...

Is it at all possible that she has changed enough that you could tolerate her presence now, or maybe even find her okay? Is it worth giving it a try now that you're both adults?

I'm not saying you should. I'm just saying it's something you might think about.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, if someone has pissed you off that severely;

Fuck 'em.

You have'nt got to like everybody.

Don't make a scene, just tell Rachel, you can't stand the cunt and to make sure she does'nt try and get you together. If Rachel can't live with this, fuck her too.
She'll come crawling back !

Who could live with out you ?

Anonymous said...

I have that sort of thing happen to me and it sucks.....sorry mate;)

but on a lighter note, I kept trying to read your post but kept getting distracted by the pic...he is hot.

Jason Shaw said...

It's a lot easier to say let it go, build a bridge, rise above it, and all that other crap that goes with it. But way way harder to do. I for one can't forgive or get over some people that did me over in the past.

I think a certain amount of anger and rage is good for the soul. x

MadeInScotland said...

there's no shame in slapping her. Think of it as helping her getting over hysterics.

do it, with no explanation, and leave. She'll soon come running back to you with the need to re-evaluate.

then again, be real. Just break it off, no violence, no explanation (which is always offering compromise).


drew said...

This is your life not Rachel's. She decided to befriend the girl you didn't. If this girl made that much of a negative impression on your life I would say she hasn't changed. I would be polite to Rachel and turn her down for a get together. She will get the message, if she doesn't it's her problem.

Mambam said...

thanks fellas, i'm glad you agree and i'm not the only one.

your far to nice for your own good. I like the fact that you're the sensible one though, i always need someone to play good cop to my bad cop ;-)
I'll let you know whether how i get on. I can't imagine i'm not gonna meet her again at some point.

vilges suola said...

So many 15 year olds are insecure and obnoxious. If you are not the same person now that you were at 15, presumably she is not either. She might be a perfectly reasonable woman now. Give her a chance. If she isn't, avoid her.