Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Tops off lads, it's summer !

I heard the little girl from down the street talking to her friend about her 9th birthday party that must have taken place at the weekend.
Her friend asked her if she remembered her 7th birthday party and they then started to reminisce about what it was like when she was Seven. LOL. They sounded like a couple of old women. I wonder what she’ll be like when she reaches the big One O.

A bloke at work had an accident the other week. He's ok, but he spent a few days in hospital and it was a close call. A little further to the left and he would have been impaled on a metal fence, Game Over.
So now he's gone all, second chance, where is my life going, must make something of it, i've been given a second chance. etc.

But when i was talking to him at lunch time i was amused to note that much of the conversation revolved around him being worried what his parents might have found searching through his things had he died LOL.
I have come across this problem before with someone else, but it made me think, if i died tomorrow and my mum and dad had to come round here and root through my things what would they find that i wouldn't want them to ?.
Daniel has a key and strict instructions to go straight for the box in the big wardrobe ;-). I think my mum would be for upset at the mess, and my dad would be disgusted by the state of the garage.

They hardly know how to work a computer so i think i'm ok there.

We have had two great days of sun and in typical British fashion people are still walking around in coats and hats. When we reach the end of the summer and the weather breaks it tends to be the other way round, it's pissing it down and guys are still walking around in shorts and sandals.
I'm really disappointed though, not one topless guy, no abs, no tats, no fucking nothing.
It's summer boys, get those tops off now !!.


naturgesetz said...

And have you been walking around with your top off to set a good example? LOL

What I've noticed around here is that people seem to dress for yesterday. If yesterday was warm, they're coatless today, even if today is cool; and if yesterday was cool, today they're in their warm clothes no matter what it's like today. The only exception is rain or snow. Those, they dress for.

Anonymous said...

Tops off....brilliant!

I never thought about the if I die thing what will people find...oh my, I better get to cleaning up around here...lol

Anonymous said...

That is like the post funeral scene from QAF.

I've thought about it, but my porn stash is monster and I just hope I get enough warning to dump it.

I've consoled myself that if not I'll be dead and so consequently won't give a fuck.

My nipper thinks all I do on the web is surf for porn so he won't be too surprised.

We are softy southerners and live on the coast and the local chavs were shirtless on Saturday and there were a few scantily clad grockles.