Monday, 12 April 2010

Stag Weekend with a stranger

I've had a great weekend with a bunch of strange people.

It was a stag doo for someone that Daniel knows more than i do. I was just roped into it all as transport for Daniel. The Idiot left it to the last minute before deciding he wanted to go and there was no room on the coach. So i took him and another couple of guys in my car. I couldn't drink, which was fine up to a point. But then when everyone else started to get really blotto it wasn't much fun. But part from wandering around Leeds city centre like a Shepard trying to keep everyone together and in line, as well as making sure Daniel didn't show himself up too much, It was a blast.

There were lots of activities, free grub and all bought & paid for as well.
The weather was fantastic, but we spent at least four hours in a shed full of noise and fumes racing go Karts round a track.
Then it was into Leeds to frighten all the girls with loud drunken, noisy loutish behaviour (i didn't like that bit, it's not me as you know ;-).

Anyway, I'm invited to the wedding now as well. Even though i didn't even know the bloke last Friday I'm going to his wedding next Saturday morning !. Not sure about the morning bit though. It's Saturday for fuck sake. I re-charge my batteries on Saturday mornings having a sleep in.
Actually I've just had an even worse thought. A Suite !!!.


naturgesetz said...

That sounds like fun!

You must have made a great impression on the groom.

Jason Shaw said...

Cool, glad you had a nice time. All rather butch, that go-karting lark. Jolly good fun though.

Anonymous said...

that sounds like a blast....the groom must have thought you are cool to have invited you;) have fun

Mambam said...

The groom looked like a dog by the way. Now the best man........

Anonymous said...

Bet you look good in a suit.

Anonymous said...

Lol you can be a bitch sometimes.