Thursday, 8 April 2010

Horrible Bitch

Rachel rang tonight and told me the name of the girl that knows me from school. Urgh !. She's bloody horrible and i hated her. This bitch was one level below the school bully. A right cow. Her speciality was humiliation and she loved winding people up.
Her aim was to have you in tears and then she would piss herself laughing. Sadly she has cropped up a few times in my life after school and she doesn't seem to have changed.
Every time i think oh no not her again. I'm concerned that Rachel likes her. God forbid we ever meet again. No thanks.

Daniel has said we are going to Leeds on Sunday so that will be interesting. What for i don't know.

My Mobile has been on the blink today and i'm lost without it. Not for making phone calls of course, for the internet and email and music and pictures etc. I was thinking of changing it but not yet. It's not top of my list of things to buy. But i can't imagine life without it. It's like a drug, i'm hooked.
We were discussing in the office today how boring the election coverage is and how it's wall to wall on the telly and in the papers. I mentioned that i was thinking of not bothering to vote and my boss went up the wall.
I told him that i couldn't tell the difference between them all and he actually went away, logged onto all the main party websites and printed off their individual Policies on the Economy. He then handed them to me and told me to read each one carefully and let him know later if they were all the same. LOL. It was like school and he was my teacher.
I still haven't read any of them yet (even more like school) i'll do it in the morning (ditto).

One thing that did catch my eye. A Tory MP claims that Bed & Breakfast owners should be able to reject gay couples if they want. The inference being that it's their own home and they should be allowed to choose the activites that takes place in their own home. Not sure if that allows them to let people smoke or reject Black people as well, but when it comes to homosexuality this fella doesn't seem to believe that the law and equal rights come into play.
So that's 10 points taken away for the Conservatives for a start.
You don't want gay people in your home ?. Don't start a fucking business as a B&B then. If you do, it's a business not a home and you play by the same rules as every fucker else does.
Rant over.


vilges suola said...

There are hotels for gay men only - not many, admittedly, but they exist and they want to maintain the right to exclude straights. I can't say I would ever want to stay in such a place myself, but lots of gay blokes would. If we want exclusively gay hotels, I reckon we have to allow straight Christians the right to exclude whom they want to from what is after all their own private property. Then we just hope they soon go bust.

vilges suola said...

PS From web site of legends Hotel Brighton Hotel Booking Policy:
'The management reserve the right to refuse accommodation to anyone without providing a reason.' No prizes for guessing what that means in practice.

Ben said...

Chris Grayling, the MP in question, is the shadow Home Secretary, meaning that, in theory at least, if the Conservatives win the election, he would become the Home Secretary. Whilst David Cameron can't say it now because the party wants to keep a united front, I think with these comments Mr Grayling has blown his chance of getting the appointment.
It's actually been blown out of proportion to some extent, as is the media's habit. Chris Grayling was put on the spot by some christian activists and told them what they wanted to hear. Yet he actually voted for the change in the law which some christians now have a problem with. Perhaps somewhere deep below the surface his personal beliefs are not entirely 21st century, but he falls completely in line with the policies of his party when it comes down to parliamentary activity.

Mambam said...

Never really thought of it like that Vilges. Good Point.