Wednesday, 7 April 2010

General Erection

They're off !!. At last ! they have eventually called a bloody election and it will be all over by the end of May 6th (i hope).
Telly and newspapers are full of it and you can almost smell the excitement coming from every bleeding reporter on screen as they wet themselves over the whole idea.

It's like the X Factor or something and i've already seen at least a half dozen representations of how we might vote and some just harbour on the ridiculous. Everything from Special Effect screen graphics full of % signs, through to the size of Ice Cream Cornets and a box of Chocolates "imagine this layer of the box represents the Conservative vote and this is Labour, now lets see what happens when we include liberal chocolate creams...." Wot ?.
God what must it have been like in America ?, their elections seem to go on for years.
Today's Political Musings from a thicko

Conservative : David Cameron has a scratch on his nose, who's he been fighting ?. Sorry did he say something ?, i wasn't listening, i was distracted, he has a scratch on his nose.
Liberal : Vince Cable as Chancellor of the Exchequer ?. He looks like Scrooge with a haircut.
Labour : Cocky bastard, left it till the last minute didn't you ?

As you can tell, i'm not interested in any of them or anything they say....Yet. And i'm so bored and unexcited by it all that i'm distracted by any trivial shite that catches my eye. I hope things change, i wouldn't wanna be casting my vote on the strength of who happens to be wearing the wrong colour socks on May 6th because joking aside, what the wifes wear, who went to what school and where they launched their campaigns from are the least important things i need to know. Time to drop the trivia and start listening to what they are offering i think. (hark at me getting all serious for a change..LOL)

Daniel rang tonight and asked what i was doing at the weekend. Obviously the answer was nothing so he told me he has something planned and i that i should keep my diary open for Saturday and Sunday. But he wouldn't tell me what it was. Now there's a bit of excitement for a change. What are we gonna be doing ?. Or should that be, where are we going ?, because he asked me to fill the car up, i'm driving. Typical.

Now that this blog has been going for a while i thought it best to do a blogger backup. This lets you download the whole thing (comments and all) to my hard drive.
once i had done this i decided to copy and paste just the text bits in one huge Cut & Paste to my Microsoft Word program just to see how much there was without all the pics.
118 pages and 102190 words long it's nearly half a book. Hardly Harry Potter i know and most of it is shit. But i'm thinking of printing it out and sticking it somewhere in the toilet so i can flick through the old stuff to see what i wrote.
One thing that bloggers will tell you about blogging is that once you've posted something and moved on to the next day, all previous stuff is forgotten by you and goes unread by everyone else.
In fact in most cases a blog could really be just a dozen pages you keep overwriting for what good the archive is. But this is a personal diary and the best thing about a personal diary is the looking back.
I'm forgetting to look back.
From my first proper post "It's Easter bank holiday weekend and i am as bored as hell" Sound familiar ? LOL


Anonymous said...

Has your local MP got a good or bad reputation?
Because that is who you actually vote for, the political party is secondary.

Watch Question Time and Paxman is good and usually an impartial attack dog.

Follow your bullshitometer and this time it may well come down to who you hate less.

Paul said...

If politics WAS a box of chocolates I'd happily give up sweets. My MP is Hazel Bleary, say no more...

naturgesetz said...

Hazel Bleary hardly sounds like the most appetizing chocolate in the box. LOL

Michael, that first post does sound familiar. But as you read through the blog, you'll also find a thoughtful young man who has made some pretty important decisions leading to some pretty important changes in his life. It has been fascinating to observe, and a privilege to have the chance to give you some thoughts to consider and some encouragement. I think you can have some justifiable pride about the past year.

Anonymous said...

good to know we Americans arent the only ones who do elections poorly;)

vilges suola said...

Less of the 'thicko' bit, young Mambam. You are a bright lad whose spelling is...umm, inventive. I don't suffer fools gladly, and I always enjoy reading your stuff.

drucloud said...

am just looking forward to the swingomitter is that spelt well, do i give i toss ;). Anyway its a big arrow on a wall and prob got two blokes pulling it out of shot of coarse .and by the way thanks for past year or so bloging i do have a life but i also enjoy reading your blog it has a calming effect

Jason Shaw said...

Lovely post dear boy. Love the box of chocolates idea. Made me go an get a box of smarties now i've got red ones for labour blue ones for conservative and yellow ones for the lib dems, and slowly consuming the lot, till I'm left with en empty tube, that once had a lot of promise, color and caused lots of excitement, now, just is an empty shell, leaving a slightly sick feeling and depression and
disappointment in it's wake!

Oh I love trawling thru the archives tho. Lovely for refreshing the memory, and getting more insight into a person. x

Mambam said...

A few days in and i'm already turning the telly off and turning the page over when i see a politicians mush face