Wednesday, 21 April 2010

My Type of Guys

Glorious sun again today, Summer is fast approaching, and i think it's brilliant !. I’ve Still not seen any descent totty walking around though. It’s hardly worth having a camera phone is it ?.
I must admit i am a bit white myself. I took a closer look in the mirror the other night after a shower. We don't get enough sun in this country, everyone is extra white in the UK after winter is finished with us.
In Scotland i think they are a lighter shade of blue.

One of the women at work today was talking about things that put her off men. Hairy toes is quite high on the list, but men who fart in front of them comes a close second.
When they have conversations like this i'm interested and listen in. Mainly because i find a lot of what puts women off fellas doesn't normally match my list.

I for instance don't give a shit what he does for a living. I'm not looking for someone to "look after me" and if i'm honest it would probably work the other way around. If a guy had a really good job with loads of money and living in a big posh house i'd feel a bit inadequate. Much prefer someone who's got nothing.
Does that mean i'm looking for someone who i can "look after"?
I don't really notice toes either. In fact i'm not a foot person at all (i think i have mentioned that before).
Sexually i don't really have a type. That would probably be their downfall. I swap and change a lot. if i was going out with a young guy i'd have an eye out for someone older. if i was with someone older i'd start looking at guys my own age. My wanking fantasies are different every night and i'd probably be expecting that in real life.
Kissing and cuddling someone in bed would be OK, but you don't want it every night do you ?. Sometimes a bit of Jungle Fucking is what the Doctor ordered. LOL.


naturgesetz said...

Better start working on that tan, if you haven't already. And be sure to go shirtless in public to encourage the young'uns.

Is the guy in the pic holding his toupée on?

Anonymous said...

I can relate - I never know what type of guy I'm in the mood for.

And I agree with you cuddling statement, too.


B. said...

Hahaha, lol about white... Yeah, that's the curse of Britain, and that's why I don't like it that much... I have never been there but I have a lot of cousins there and I saw a lot of Brits on my summer holiday and yeah, man you are really white and omg hahahah all the girls were red cause they were too white and they get really easy sunburn...

And I love you Brits cause you drink a lot and cause I have quite reputation in my school as a drinker, lol, I seem sober next to the Brits LOOOOL

And I will probably go there to visit my cousins... Can't wait! :D

And what is wrong with cuddling in the bed all the time :))) Kidding :P

Wow, that man from picture would be my type for sure...

Mambam said...

It's not quite warm enough yet ;-)

I think a different man for each day of the week would be a good idea.

Drinkers ?, British ?. Naaaaahhhhhh.

And yes the sun burn colouring thing here in the UK goes.
Really really read
and back to white again