Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Hairy Men

Another weekend and another boring Friday night in.

I've actually been to the pub after work and feel a bit pissed to be honest so it's not a complete waste. After I've eaten i can see myself collapsing into bed early thought cos i feel knackered.

Going for a drink after work is not something i would normally do, but it seemed a nice day and someone suggested it so 4 of us went for a "quick one", that turned into a 3 hour session.
In fact if it wasn't for one of the women saying she had to go home to put her kids to bed we could have been there all night.
Well i could have anyway.

I rang that fella from last Weekend whilst i was in the pub. How bad is that ?. I ignored his calls all bloody week and then three drinks down my gob and I'm calling him to find out if he's worth a shag.
He sent me a picture of himself on his mobile and i sent him one back. He's a bloody hairdresser for fuck sake !!!. I'm not keen on that idea. Not that i have anything against hairdressers, except perhaps the fact that most i have met are as camp as tits (luckily he wasn't) and two, they always, i repeat, ALWAYS ! have the worst fucking haircuts known to man.
I don't know if they tend to spend most of the day experimenting with each others hair or something, but most of the time they look like something from Star Trek with some sort of concoction that looks really out of place outside of a Sci Fi movie.
In the photo this guy sent looked a bit like something from the 60`s so not as bad as i initially imagined. I'll wait and see what he is really like tomorrow. If he is a proper hairdresser he could have a new style by then. Daniel is coming with me and we're gonna meet him in a sober state at the Trafford center.

I saw a car plastered in England flags this morning. As there is a general election on i assumed it was something to do with the BNP (if you live outside the UK you won't understand that last sentence)
Anyways, it turns out to be St Georges day today. If i'm honest, and i'm showing my ignorance and lack of education here, i have no fucking idea who this St George bloke is. And as we don't get a public holiday for him i'm not really interested in finding out either.
I'm sure all you intellects will be horrified to read that last bit.

Daniel has been given some weed (long story). Neither of us smoke so he wants us to make them into biscuits whilst his mum and dad are away tomorrow.
Imagine me and him baking ?. LOL.
Sorry to much info in that last post. Erase it from your memory.

Sunny weather, a bit of money in my pocket, a whole weekend, and Manchester for two days.
I'm looking forward to a happy 48 hours away.
See ya Sunday.
Have a good one everybody !


Paul said...

Michael, surely one of the best bits of living in Halifax is the distance from the Trafford Centre. That place is pure hell on earth.

vilges suola said...

I once ate weed, since I can't smoke. For me, it was like a two hour dose of flu. I've stuck to red wine ever since.

naturgesetz said...

I'm glad you're taking Daniel along for safety.

I think I know who the BNP are: nationalists, right?

Word verification: shers (they dropped the a after the e, but it obviously is because of the hairdresser)

JoeBlow said...

Another weekend and another boring Friday night in for me as well, though I am having a few beers to celebrate the weekend. BTW, even though you don't care, St. George is the patron saint of England, apparently he slayed a dragon and technically he was deemed no longer to be a saint by the Catholic Church.

Have a good weekend and enjoy the pot biscuits, here in the US, we bake them in brownies, LOL.

Also, from my experience, hairdressers are a flighty and fickle bunch.

MadeInScotland said...

i thought the flags are to do with the world cup and supporting england then I realised yesterday was st george's day


naturgesetz said...

@ JoeBlow — Actually St. George is still recognized by the Catholic Church. There is an "optional memorial" for him in the calendar on April 23. But the bit about the dragon is considered legendary: if there's anything to it, it's figurative.

Sorry, Michael, but I wouldn't want to see you get inaccurate information.

Anonymous said...

Inaccurate information from a catholic, god forbid !