Sunday, 25 April 2010

Shagtastic weekend

Well what a great weekend it's been.
Not a great start on Saturday though. I met the hairdresser's, his name was Simon, i got it wrong. And he seemed a bit camp (sorry if your reading this and are camp yourself) it doesn't really do it for me, but we did arrange to meet up later. He was gonna be with a couple of his mates, i was gonna be with Daniel.

When we did meet later on we were both a bit pissed, this made him even more camp and flamboyant and me even less interested in him. I think we both sort of realised it and that nothing was gonna happen so he disappeared off one way and i went the other. We then had an awkward 15 minutes at each end of the pub, him with his entourage, me with Daniel.
In the end we decided to bugger off and we all waved to each other as we left, which was nice. I suspect i wasn't what he was looking for either. We did have a good laugh at their hair though. They looked fucking ridiculous.

Later on was different a bit of luck. This time i got talking to someone really really nice. I don't know how we did strike up a conversation but you just do when your drunk don't you?. I get really talkative and happy when i've had a drink. I'm more sociable and i think it makes me a nicer person.
Anyway his name was Jason, or Jay to his friends. I won't bore you with the rest of the night. But he lived within taxi distance of the city center and i left Daniel talking to some of our mates and disappeared off with him.

His body was a bit hairy, and looked better with cloths on than off. But you can;t have everything can you ?. It's interesting that when i have been with someone special we have lots of sex with the lights off. But all one night stand sex tends to be with the light on. You wanna see them and they wanna see you. It's a bit like porn, it's a visual thing.

On the downside, he smoked and his home smelled like an ashtray. When i got home later on Sunday morning ;-))) all my cloths stunk of smoke. I had forgotten what it was like before the smoking ban came in. Your cloths stink even if you don't smoke yourself.
I won't be seeing him again. Not just because i don't want to, also because i think he's one of those guys who just shag and move on to the next one.
I know this because his bedroom had a huge box of condoms, a lube dispenser and a box of toys. His mobile kept ringing and Gaydar was his screensaver on the computer in the corner of the bedroom. This fella is a professional shagger.
He gave me his number and asked me to call him, but it was said in a sort of "if you fancy another shag" type of way, rather than, "if you fancy meeting up for a drink and a chat".

It's funny because i have written in the past on this blog about not wanting a relationship and perhaps quite like the idea of someone who, like me, is happy to meet for just a shag with no strings.
Then when it happens i feel put out by it. Why doesn't he want a relationship with me ?. He's only interested in sex, not me, he could be shagging anything.
I'm a two faced self centered twat aren't i ?.


Anonymous said...

sex, life, relationships...its all ;)

drucloud said...

your never satisfied are you lol. you get no strings fun and you want him for yourself now..the answer to your question is an obvious YES YES YES .

Paul said...

"I'm a two faced self centered twat aren't I"

Perhaps but at least an honest self-aware "two faced self centered twat"

But at least you got your shag, hope he was hung

naturgesetz said...

"I'm a two faced self centered twat aren't i ?"

Drucloud may be right, LOL, but I'd prefer to think you're a work in progress, still figuring yourself (and life) out.

Anonymous said...

Yes but are'nt we all ?

Glad you got a result, have fun and take care.