Monday, 5 April 2010

Something Throbbing

I don't know if i like this new blog format.
The page seems to take forever to load when i look at it on my laptop.
MMMmmm. I need to take another look at it. Sometimes basic is better than fancy shite.

Yesterday afternoon i decided to get stuck into the garden again. It was a mess after the winter so i think it'll take a few goes before i can get it in a state where i can just go out and cut the grass every now and then in order to make it looking good.

When i was clearing some leaves i found a used condom at the back near the wall. Where the fuck did that come from ?. There are gardens all around and no access to anyone walking past so it's either the people who lived in this house before me or one of the neighbours. I'm now checking out who lives where trying to work out who it might have belonged to. I hope it's not the fat bloke on the corner. I don't even wanna think about that.

Whilst i tidied up i stabbed my finger on a bit of wood and it bloody killed. The woman next door saw me swearing and kicking things around so she offered to give me some antiseptic stuff to wash it in (note to self, buy a first aid kit, i've only got paracetamols). When she was looking at my finger she remarked that i had soft hands.
I work in an office and have no manual skills whatsoever(nothing clean anyway) so i'd never thought about it before. Was she trying to make a pass at me ?. she's in her 40s i doubt it.

As i type this i can feel it throbbing so i'm gonna stop typing and log off now.
My finger is still hurting as well....Da daaa.
Happy Easter everyone.


naturgesetz said...

Soft hands? I'll have to check for myself next time I'm in Halifax.

I don't enjoy working in the yard ("garden" to you). I'll cut the grass every month or so if I don't have someone hired to do it — actually it's not bad work once I force myself to start. And I've occasionally seeded bare spots. But that's about it. So I admire your willingness to do what needs to be done.

Anonymous said...

In America we call an older gal hiting on a young lad a

maybe the condom was yours, and you forgot? although you probably never forget when you have sex...its just an old drunk guy thing I guess, lol

have a great day, hope your finger feels better

vilges suola said...

On my computer the title of the blog comes out as 'MAMBA My online Di' so I'd get that sorted if nothing else.

Anonymous said...

Awe Mambam Bad enoughhurting your finger without some old fish trying to seduce you