Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Back to normal

Back to work again today and if i'm honest i was ready for it.

If you have something planned to do when your off work for a few days it's great and something to look forward to. But if your skint and have no plans, it's difficult not to sleep in till lunch time and do nothing all day sat on your arse. I was getting stalled.

My mother is still pestering me to go on holiday with her and a gang of others, including a couple of relatives and some friends. I think she's hoping to turn it all into one big event and i'm now getting full on emotional blackmail, to force me into going. "it'll be one last family holiday together"
Anyway i've said i'll think about it and i'm leaving it at that.

I've been given a wage rise at work. It's an extra £20 a week, which translates into about £13 once the taxman has sliced his cut off it.
Still, £13 a week is £676 a year and you can't sniff at that can you ?.
Especially as there was a lot of talk going around that there would be no pay rises at all for the next 12 months.
I'm sort of skint and in the money at the same time. I'm sticking it in the bank with my savings whilst pretending that i have nothing. Once you manage to get a little bit put away there is an incentive not to touch it. I think i'd feel guilty if i did spend big right now.

Rachel has rung and told me she is working with someone i knew at school. But then she couldn't remember her name.
I wish she wouldn't do stuff like that. It's a woman thing, they start a story about nothing and forget all the details. So it begins with a dramatic "you'll never guess" and ends in a "what's her name now...."
Rachel does this a lot. telling stories that are funny but fizzle out in the end so you wonder what was the point.

She once told me about someone we both knew getting run over. the story was quite dramatic and had all the details except, she could tell me how the person ended up. How bad was she ?. did she live or did she die ?.
"I don't know" said Rachel, " i never asked"

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naturgesetz said...

Congrats on the raise!

It helps validate your decision to take the job.

Tell Rachel to ring you back when she has the name.