Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Sun & Cloud

It's been a really nice sunny day today so I sat outside at lunchtime hoping to watch all the totty walking past.
There were some ugly fuckers walking, and then a man with his top off who was as white as a sheet came into view. He was so white that you needed sunglasses to look at him and on top of that he was so skinny I could see his ribs. Yuk. He looked like an uncooked chicken.
It's nothing like Brazil is it? They walk around in speedos (I imagine) and everyone is a lovely shade of bronze. Well at least that’s how it goes in my dreams anyway.

But suddenly a bit of sun makes England look lovely. If you live in the city it’s probably not the same, but there are some quite nice rural areas around here. Drive a couple of miles and you’re in the countryside. It stinks of cow shit mind you but if you hold your nose and open your eyes it can be quite nice.

The phone rang today and it was obviously you know who from Saturday night. So I did that really bad thing where you stick your head in the sand instead of confronting problems. I pretended I didn’t have my mobile with me and let it ring out. 5 times !!!
I’ll be really pissed off if you know who turns out to be as fit as fuck. I just need to do a bit of asking round to find out more about him first.

If your not flying then this volcanic ash thing just seems like an interesting news story. I'm sure it's gonna affect us all in some way but right now its mainly a problem for all the poor people involved.
What i wanna know is. When i look on the virtual radar website that shows all the aircraft flying and an outline of where the cloud is, there seems to be a dirty great cloud of planes whizzing across Europe volcano or no volcano. Yet the UK shows about three or four, and they are foreign planes passing over ?.

Not a very sexy post today, but you can't always write about porn and shagging can you ? LOL.


naturgesetz said...

Fascinating map. Makes you wonder what's with the plane that's going to become golden as it gets over Britain. And what about the one with the question mark on it in Germany. Do they wonder if it's only a bird?

Anonymous said...

un cooked chicken, lol

all your post are sexy and great;)

I hope you know who turns out to be the perfect one;)

best of luck

Paul said...

Just to deal with my own perves, did you find your undies from saturday night or is Daniel auctioning them on ebay? (item number please!!)

vilges suola said...

I was going to go to Greece at Easter. Had bought the ticket ages ago. When the time came, I was so tired and depressed I thought, sod it, and stayed home. Had I gone, I'd still be there, as the volcano went off the day before I was due to fly home. I thought about this yesterday, while teaching my least favourite group. I COULD be in Athens, indefinitely, staying at a friend's, having coffee by the sea in the morning, cooking then drinking scotch all evening, doing a bit of paid work to keep me ticking over, and instead I'm stuck in this rotten classroom, back in the old rou-bloody-tine. Damn, damn, damm.

vilges suola said...

PS, Halifax is not renowned for its totty. First thing that always strikes me up there is the want of handsome lads.

naturgesetz said...

@ vilges — But now Halifax has Michael.

And he'd better be shirtless or stop complaining!

MadeInScotland said...

often they are f as fcuck, well that was my experience. But the problem was I preferred avoidance to intimacy of any form.

Good looking was never good looking enough.

And now my hair is peppa, they seem to dig it and want me even more, but I'm a one man man. Maybe that's what it is, My unavailability makes me ever more desirable.

It becomes boring though, which is why, at your time, I'd be recommending NOT to do the ostrich thing.

Just think of him as Mr Thomson and ask, :is he important?"

Hope that helps give some clarity to the situation.