Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Totty watch

I decided it was time to stop pretending that volcanic dust was the reason my car looked so dirty and gave it a wash today.

When i say that i washed it, what i mean is that i got someone else to do it. I would normally drive through one of those automatic things, but i was passing a pop up car wash that is normally just a spare bit of land then suddenly when the weather is nice it springs into a 5 man car washer team.
You imagine topless guys with rippling muscles like something out of a Coke advert don't you ?.
In fact one of them was so fat his belly was giving my bonnet a wipe whilst the was leaning over to do the windscreen. Very Disappointing.

Driving back i did catch my first bit of fit & sexy summer totty though.
A group of lads sat on a wall, some with tops off, some with tight t shirts on.
I wouldn't have stopped and said hello mind you, they looked the sort who'd have robbed me and left me dead in a ditch.

Another relative has died. I don't actually know this one very well because he was quite old i've not really seen him in years.
Until my father asked whether i was going to the funeral i hadn't even considered it. Now i feel a bit unsure, Do you go? or don't you?. Funerals are for the living not the dead. So perhaps i should go and show my face as support for family. Or will people be looking and thinking 'what's he doing here ?, he didn't even know him'


Anonymous said...

I hate washing the car.....and I may have risked injury if they were really hot...lol

naturgesetz said...

Usually people are happy when someone shows up for the funeral.

I had a cousin(actually in my mother's generation) who died last year in his upper 80's on Prince Edward Island. The church was full. There were mostly old people from the parish, but also some friends of his children. Recently there was a funeral here of someone who died at a similar old age. There were about a dozen family members and maybe a couple of other people — very sad. I'm sure the family would have been pleased if more people had been there.

(Actually, theologically speaking, in the Catholic Church, funerals are for both. But if I had to say, I think they are more for the dead.) Anyway, I recommend going if you can.

naturgesetz said...
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Mambam said...

But they never are hot are they ? ;-(

Yes I heard you the first time LOL
I think i may take your advice, it doesn't take much effort just to show your face and support does it ?.

Yes I heard you the first time LOL
I think i may take your advice, it doesn't take much effort just to show your face and support does it ?.


naturgesetz said...

Soz. It didn't tell me it had saved my comment the first time. I'll delete the repeat.

drew said...

I agree that this is support of the family. I know it is a pain in some cases to get off etc but I think it is appreciated. My father used to tell us you should visit the sick and bury the dead..

JoeBlow said...

Apparently, pop up car washes are a little different here in the Southern U.S. Generally, when we see people set up on the side of the road washing cars, it is one of a few types: high school cheerleaders, sorority girls, or fraternity guys. I particularly enjoy it when it's a college fraternity out washing cars, because the guys are generally just wearing a pair of shorts and some flip-flops, rarely are they wearing shirts and they generally look good doing it too. Maybe this is because I have lived in a college town too long, but these are the only people I ever see washing cars, and I don't remember any of them being anything but hot.

Gauss Jordan said...

We only get high schoolers here, and as it is, no one else is allowed to touch the paint on my car. ;-)

No comment on the funeral; I'm not sure of the etiquette.

Adventures In Gay Dating said...

Like you, I need to wash my car too but not because of the volcanic ash (hasn't reached America yet...LoL).My red Mazda is yellow with pollen. Love your blog !