Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Shopping for gadgets

The general erection is next Thursday (why is it always on a Thursday?) and i'm still undecided which party to vote for.
I'll be glad when it's all over and we can get back to normal telly. At the moment Party Political Broadcasts are popping up as often as commercial breaks.

My mobile phone is on a contract and it runs out next month.
This means i can either reduce my bill by going on a different tariff, or get another free phone and tie myself into another contract.
My head says be sensible and save money. My heart says get an I-phone.
Buying a new gadget every now and then, to me, is like a women buying a new pair of shoes. It makes my week and gives me something to look forward to.
The difference is that when women spend hundreds on an item of clothing they will probably only wear it twice and on special occasions, so they take it home from the shop and throw it in a cupboard for the next six months. Fellas on the other hand will have a gadget out of the box before they left the shop and stick to it like glue for the next 12 months until they have saved up enough money to buy another gadget.

I used to watch the Gadget show on channel 5 for tips and ideas but they are trying to turn it into Top gear and its now shit.
The gadgets have gone from MP3 players and super thin flat screen HD TVs, to Bicycles and Kites ?.
When once they would show you the future, now they are setting each other challenges that involve racing each other around the London Marathon with the aid of gadgets like Bicycles and sat nav.
If i were a TV Critic 'Crap' would be a copy and paste word i would use a lot.

I just saw something on the news about people buying (yes BUYING!) the manifestos of the three main political parties.
The reporter said that sales are currently running higher than that of JK Rowling ! Eh ?
Poor kids, imagine the Labour Party Manifesto as a bed time read.
No dad, i don't want you to read me a story tonight, i'm a bit tired thanks.


Anonymous said...

That amused me too.

You want my vote ?

Send me the motherfucking manifesto, I'm sure that's they used to do.

My contract is up too and just to annoy my nipper I'm going to get an I-Phone.

naturgesetz said...

A vote for Lib-Dem is a vote for Labour.



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JoeBlow said...

I agree about the gadget thing. Whenever I buy a new gadget, it becomes my favorite "toy" for several months until something replaces it. The last cell phone I got was a Blackberry Storm, which I absolutely love. I wanted an iPhone, but the carrier didn't have service where I lived, but the Blackberry folks did, so I went with it and I don't regret it the least.

As for the politics, I wish I understood British politics to way in on the subject, but American politics is giving me a major headache right now, especially with out mid-term elections coming up.

David said...

My Voting is for Lib-Demcheapest loans