Thursday, 29 April 2010

Pretty People

Work is usually a pretty sexless place for me.
No matter how much i keep my eye out for something that might catch my eye, or someone that might interest me, it's probably the only place and time in my life where anything sexual seems to have had a bucket of water thrown over it.

Ryan had been moved to another office for a while so that's why i haven't mentioned him much lately. But today he was back !. Much to the relief of both of us. He was sat with a sweaty fat man in a side office for a bit and he hated it. You could see that he was happy to be back and i'll be honest so was i. I was looking around the room the other day in a moment of daydream and noticed that i seem to work with some of the ugliest people in the world. Not that i would ever get off with Ryan, it's just nice to have something attractive to look at to cheer you through your day.

It's been decided, i'm going to America with my parents and a group of other family members later in the year.
I haven't decided, they have, and they told me tonight.
I'm still at the 'we'll see' stage.

I'm doing my final bit of political homework tonight.
It's the third and final Leaders debate on the telly so i'm putting 90 minutes on one side to watching it.
I don't read the crap they send through the post and most of the time i turn the radio off when they waffle on about it on the radio.
Roll on next Thursday....


Anonymous said...

Hey - who knows? Maybe you'll have fun on the trip. I say go for it.


Anonymous said...

Definitely go, my parents took the kids and grandkids years ago and we had a great time.

I impressed a cute busboy with my alcohol capacity and got blew in a Tea room.

Oh, we saw Mickey Mouse too.

The word is;


naturgesetz said...

You'll probably be better informed than 71.3% of those who cast votes on May 6.

As the itinerary solidifies, let me know. If there's any chance of a stop in Boston, I wouldn't mind showing you around if I'm free.

Mambam said...

How much sex and debauchery will there be when your with your mum & dad ?

See above comment for Newleaf ;-(.

Depending on how much it all costs and wheather i enjoy it or not, i may at some point afterwards chose to come back again at a later date with Daniel or alone...;-)

Gauss Jordan said...

Hah. I was (just last week) "informed" that I'm flying home to visit my parents for an upcoming weekend -- nevermind the fact that I had three different events planned, and had just bought tickets for a concert.