Friday, 30 April 2010

History in the making

I saw a woman on telly last night who was still breast feeding her son, even thought he is now five.
As you can imagine the heterosexuals in the office today found this highly amusing and sexy ?.

I have been hunting around the house looking for my passport. Apparently you need to have at least 6 months left on it if you go to America.
When i moved i threw a lot of stuff in the loft so decided to look up there. I found some old newspapers from years ago under some old insulation and spent the next hour reading them.
Whoever stuck them up there seems to have kept a paper printed on days there was some sort of major incident. 911 or Princess Diana. But it's all the other news and advertisements that i found just as interesting.
Funny really, i was never interested in history at school.

It's a bank holiday weekend and i'm off now until Wednesday (i'm going to a funeral Tuesday). We have had some lovely weather lately and it feel like summer is well on it's way.
So i and Daniel have plans. I'm gonna fill the car up with petrol and head to the coast. Cue heavy shows, freezing cold weather and thunderstorms.

Daniel has said he has no intentions of voting because none of them interest him and they are all liars who talk bollocks and they won't do anything they say anyway.
I asked him if he had watched any of the debates ? NO.
Do you read about their policies ? No.
Any idea what they are gonna do ? NO.

Well how the fuck can you say they are all talking bollocks then ?.

Anyway have a great weekend everyone, and if your in the UK, have a fab Bank Holiday as well.


Paul said...

Strangely, the older I get, the more interested I am in modern history. I wa sshocked though to find that kids now study my childhood years as history (the 1960s).

Anonymous said...

Same here Paul.

I told my nipper it was'nt history but current affairs.

Well at least you are more informed than Daniel.

Urge him to vote, for anyone but get involved. (Anyone but old rictus grin that is )

Have a splendid bank holiday, this is "Darling Harold's" bank holiday.

It's a Alf Garnett quote.

Anonymous said...

have a wonderful holiday...;)coming to America?

Doomed But Cheerful! said...

I was about to write a mini-tirade on Daniel and his attitude to politics ... but on reflection, with the choices that are available in Britain, time spent on the beach that day would be more rewarding than voting.

drew said...

so Daniel does understand politics!! Enjoy your holiday. No such holiday in the US so I am jealous.. After all the bank failures we have had I don't think there will be any bank holidays for at least 10 years!!

naturgesetz said...

When people feel as Daniel does and don't inform themselves, it's probably best if they don't vote.

Was the mother Japanese? I understand that Japanese mothers tend to breast feed their children for years.

West Coast, East Coast, South Coast?


Jason Shaw said...

Hope it was a great bank holiday weekend for you, weathr from pretty fucking shit, but hey. I was working so I wasn't too bothered.

Don't forget to get your ESTA from the American Embassy Website before you go!